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File: ExtraBar08-20-09
Addon Name conflict
Posted By: Betula
There is a conflict with another addon that when unziped both have the same name and over right each other on install. The ExtraBars when upziped its main file name is 'ExtraBar', this addon gives you 4 extra customizable independent bars. Link http://wow.curse.com/downloads/wow-addons/details/extra-bar.aspx I would like to use...
File: Misspelled07-20-09
DC appears fixed
Posted By: Betula
Thanks for the quick fix..... have been using WIM and misspelled works great, no disconnection's. again thanks :D
File: Misspelled07-19-09
Posted By: Betula
i confirm that I was also booted when I had misspelled a word, not as I typed, but as soon as I hit return and posted! look forward to fix as I do use wim! many thanks
File: LilSparky's Workshop06-27-09
Cost info not lining up!
Posted By: Betula
Hey Sparky Thanks for this addon. Still on a learning curve with all this. I am having problems with the addon lining up the cost info with the items in the standard wow trade window. I have tried both version 09 and version 08. With 09 it has problems seeing a vender price list. If I delete version 09 and install version 08 t...