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File: Titan Panel [Recommended Zone]09-10-19
Re: Working on Classic version
Posted By: MrBramwell
This addon really serves no purpose in modern WoW due to zone scaling, but I will be looking at resurrecting it for WoW Classic. Any ETA on when you think this will be ready for Classic ? :)
File: LightHeaded09-09-19
The frame is called QuestLogExFrame...
Posted By: MrBramwell
The frame is called QuestLogExFrameDescription. But attaching to it overlaps the description box. The quest info updates when you change quest.I've made a couple tweaks for me, but it won't work without questlog extended addon. https://i.imgur.com/rM75OdG.jpg I just attach and position it based on extended questlog window, not...
File: QuestLogEx08-27-19
Does anyone know if this adds wowhe...
Posted By: MrBramwell
Does anyone know if this adds wowhead comments like how EQL3 did? That was the best part... I second this. If this could be implemented (I wouldnt think it would be a lot of work to be honest.) that would be awesome.