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File: AtlasLoot Enhanced01-10-11
Originally posted by Hegarol Such...
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Originally posted by Hegarol Such an "issue" can not be fixed by reinstalling but only by telling us what items are missing :P unfortunately i do not know what items are missing... i have only ever used atlas loot to research upgrades... lol... and reinstalling worked for me, i figure one of the files was damaged or didn't in...
File: AtlasLoot Enhanced01-07-11
i noticed the other day that a few...
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i noticed the other day that a few of the bosses in SFK and deadmines heroics are missing loot information... i recently re installed.... i will check later today to see if that fixed the issue... if i don't edit this comment then it is not repaired by re installing:banana:
File: Sympathy01-07-11
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i love this addon... i have noticed several tanks with the old school /healme spam when they get below a certain point and this addon is PERFECT for when i am healing.... i did however notice a small glitch. when the emote pops back a response it goes " calls out for healing " instead of just name... is this because of a change bliz...
File: Necrosis LdC01-28-07
this mod doesn't even show up? can...
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this mod doesn't even show up? can we get that fixed?