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File: NDui03-05-19
I love the UI, but have an issue wh...
Posted By: Rogoso
I love the UI, but have an issue when using the UI with Zygor guides. With Zygor addon enabled, I get a short lag spike every 5 seconds. Without the addon, it works great. Easy solution is obviously disable the addon, but I use it for most tasks. I'm sure it's a memory spike (it uses 258 mb of mem; very large addon usage). N...
File: MattUF (MattUI)01-31-19
ToT frame
Posted By: Rogoso
I do a lot of tanking/healing and really would like to see the Target of Target frame. I can't tell who the boss focus on in a lot of cases. Is there a way to add this? Love the UI.
File: NDui10-27-18
By far my favorite UI. It is well...
Posted By: Rogoso
By far my favorite UI. It is well thought out and complete. All was perfect "UNTIL" I had to heal last night in raid. I was hoping the Raid frames would be re-positioned to a more central location; it was very difficult to use them at the top left of the screen. Is there a way to have the raid frames either movable or have a de...