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File: Classic-ClassColorUF06-25-19
Hello! How about an option to on...
Posted By: DrGerm
Hello! How about an option to only color the nameplate? And, not the healthbar? Thanks!
File: Questie06-15-19
Is this the same Questie?
Posted By: DrGerm
How is this different than a version I've found elsewhere (a Vanilla WoW forum) which has the same overall name of Questie and Author, but says in the .toc "v3.7.1" and has much different OptionalDeps: Cartographer, MetaMap, EQL3, ShaguQuest and SavedVariablesPerCharacter: QuestieSeenQuests, QuestieCachedQuests, QuestieConfig, Questi...
File: Clique04-26-12
Running like a chicken with your head cut off
Posted By: DrGerm
I've been using Clique and the Default WOW Raid Frames and I've had a problem that seems to happen often where my healer will start moving in a certain direction (usually as if holding down Q or E) and keeps going although no buttons are hit. I don't think I've seen this happen unless I have Clique enabled, only happens on my 'hea...
File: SpartanUI03-21-12
Re: Re: Decreased FPS with Player Frames and Rogue in Dungeon
Posted By: DrGerm
Pretty sure this isn't a Rogue issue at all, it's a problem with the rename of a few core functions with the intro of LFR, LFG and LFD, I posted the fix in the comments here a while back, I can only assume it's in the git version, if not someone should add it, cause that is an annoying bug that causes DCs Ya, I've had the same pro...
File: SpartanUI03-15-12
Decreased FPS with Player Frames and Rogue in Dungeon
Posted By: DrGerm
I submitted what I think is a bug report on your bug tracker regarding a severe hit on FPS while playing a rogue that only occurs in dungeons and is only resolved by disabling the player frames. https://github.com/vaebris/SpartanUI/issues/16 Posting here in case anyone else has same problem. Thanks for working on my favorite...