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File: TellMeWhen08-05-18
Buff Issue
Posted By: Stevo803
Im using the addon to track havoc but when I switch targets the icon goes away. Is there a way for me to make it where the havoc icon shows even when target switching?
File: Altz UI for BFA08-02-18
Action Bars
Posted By: Stevo803
Just switched to this addon from Elvui. How do I change the main action bar? I like to have my bar in a 3 x 4 layout that is just like my razer naga. Is there also a way to attach buffs/debuffs to the player and enemy unitplate?
File: HeyBarbaruiva UI03-29-17
Player Unitframe
Posted By: Stevo803
I installed everything correctly per instructions however my Player and Target Unitframes doesnt look like the ones in the screenshot. Any suggestion? My map is also staying in the top right corner and not moving to bottom right corner
File: SixUI07-28-15
Chat Box
Posted By: Stevo803
is there a way to resize the chat box? i want to resize it to the left a little.
File: MayronUI Gen606-25-14
Could you please add 1920x1200? Whe...
Posted By: Stevo803
Could you please add 1920x1200? When I adjust things manually I start getting lua errors from quartz. In the next update I am making all resolutions support the UI :) Will be a few weeks away though. 2560x1600 for Mac? that would be amazing. Your UI is the only one I have really found I can use