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File: MattUF (MattUI)04-20-19
Re: Re: Player frame tweaking
Posted By: Joeslacker
Hey, quick question, is it possible that the color behind the player name in the player frame can be the class color aswell? (same as it is for targeting different players) :D Yes, do you know how to change some basic lua? Or would you like me to send you your own version of the addon? Hey man is there any way to make thi...
File: JamryUI12-03-17
Re: Re: Target circles
Posted By: Joeslacker
Hey, bro. I downloaded the addon and it looks great. I have been having big lag spikes or frame drops as you will every few seconds that make it unplayable. Perhaps it's a conflicting addon? I'm using it for a 4.3.4 server so I don't know if that's the issue, either. Edit// It seems to happen especially when I mouse over a target...