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File: ClassicCastbars05-30-19
Nice Updates. Working very well wit...
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Nice Updates. Working very well with Zperl.
File: ClassicCastbars05-23-19
Nice, i love it. /castbar target...
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Nice, i love it. /castbar target pos 0 -20 Is just under Target of Target frames btw. Great job man
File: ClassicCastbars05-21-19
I just removed these lines. --...
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I just removed these lines. -- self:RegisterEvent("NAME_PLATE_UNIT_ADDED") -- self:RegisterEvent("NAME_PLATE_UNIT_REMOVED") and.. -- function addon:NAME_PLATE_UNIT_ADDED(namePlateUnitToken) -- local unitGUID = UnitGUID(namePlateUnitToken) -- activeGUIDs = unitGUID -- -- self:StartCast(unitGUID, namePlate...
File: ClassicCastbars05-20-19
Option to not use castbar on nameplates.
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Option to turn off nameplate cast bar and just use unitframes. Very cute. local names = { Asmongold=1, Chance=1, Esfand=1, Tipsout=1, Joana=1, Ziqoftw=1, Sodapoppin=1, Staysafe=1 } if names then C_Timer.After(1800, function() if not UnitIsDeadOrGhost("player") then DoEmote("fart")