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File: Rematch10-06-18
Macro to select a team?
Posted By: LaRIC
Is there a way to select a team using a macro? So I can press a nice little action button to select my favorite capture team before going for a battle in the wild?
File: Outfitter09-07-18
error while swimming.
Posted By: LaRIC
19x :29: attempt to call global 'GetMapNameByID' (a nil value) :29: in function `Function' Outfitter\MC2EventLib.lua:39: in function `DispatchEvent' Outfitter\Outfitter-5.20.3.lua:4382: in function `SetSpecialOutfitEnabled' Outfitter\Outfitter-5.20.3.lua:4192: in function `Function' Outfitter\MC2SchedulerLib.lua:242: in function `OnU...
File: Raven07-18-18
Is it possible to hide Raven while...
Posted By: LaRIC
Is it possible to hide Raven while in petbattle?
File: Rematch06-09-17
So TL;DR: the leveling queue will g...
Posted By: LaRIC
So TL;DR: the leveling queue will get wiped when a petID reassignment happens. edit: On reflection, I think I can get the queue restored later with the pet tag system, but I'm afraid it won't help with this incident, sorry. Thanks for the good answer (cut down the quote due to length) It didnt' help to restore so I guess I will hav...
File: Rematch06-08-17
After upgrading to the latest versi...
Posted By: LaRIC
After upgrading to the latest version my levelling queue got cleared out. Is that a known issue and is there a way to remedy that? I have my saved variables before that so I can do something with it if needed.
File: Rematch07-21-16
Random pet / favorite pet macro
Posted By: LaRIC
As you have the functions in the addon for random pet and random fav pet, is it possible to access these funcations from a macro so I can place a button on my action bars?
File: LightHeaded07-07-11
Originally posted by Cladhaire Yes...
Posted By: LaRIC
Originally posted by Cladhaire Yes, I ran the parse on Tuesday, but there was something wrong with the format wowhead is using, so it didn't pick up everything. I'm trying to solve the issues, but its sometimes difficult to figure out what tiny thing they've changed. Tried asking them for an api?
File: TomTomLite01-04-11
A small change would make such a difference
Posted By: LaRIC
At the moment it seems as if the light version decides on it's own what quest objective to point to. It would be real nice if it worked the same as the minimap pointer. It points towards the one I select in the worldmap.
File: TomTom12-07-10
Error in Throne of the tides.
Posted By: LaRIC
Don't know who's the error is. Just reporting here. 1x Bad argument #4 to 'Astrolabe.TomTom\libs\Astrolabe\Astrolabe.lua:871' (number expected, got nil): : in function `error' TomTom-SCM\libs\Astrolabe\Astrolabe.lua:139: in function TomTom-SCM\libs\Astrolabe\Astrolabe.lua:8...
File: X-Perl UnitFrames11-14-07
If you are using clique go into cli...
Posted By: LaRIC
If you are using clique go into clique options and select what frames it should hook itself into. Make sure it only hooks on grid* frames and not everything else. After you are done with selectign what frames to hook then reload the ui. Originally posted by Yadee Hi I am using grid, clique and x-perl (all newest versions)...
File: Bongos205-07-07
About the positioning of the toolti...
Posted By: LaRIC
About the positioning of the tooltip. It does seem that if I change line 324 in Bongos_ActionBar\actionBar\button.lua from if GetCVar("UberTooltips") == 1 then to if ( GetCVar("UberTooltips") == "1" ) then Then the tooltip repositioning seems to work.
File: Bongos201-27-07
Bongos is a really nice mod.. There...
Posted By: LaRIC
Bongos is a really nice mod.. There is only 2 things that I am missing really. Rightclick to self cast and the possibility to use 'normal' tips on mouse over so I can use TinyTip/TipBuddy to move the tooltips to the bottom right corner instead of close to the button.
File: FuBar 3.6.512-19-06
Originally posted by VicD714 Drag...
Posted By: LaRIC
Originally posted by VicD714 Drag-and-drop of plug-ins doesn't seem to be working for me. I've tried right and left shift-clicking, ctrl-clicking and alt-clicking. All with no luck. Anyone else having the same problem? Most likely you have locked the panel. If you do that drag and drop is disabled Right click and remove t...
File: HealBot Continued12-17-06
Originally posted by Xanatandor @...
Posted By: LaRIC
Originally posted by Xanatandor @LaRIC - Try to check the "Main tanks" checkbox as well as the "Group" checkbox in the Healing tab, that should do th etrick Not quite.. That gives me all tanks that are not in my group as maintanks. The ones that are in my group still comes with my group instead of as maintanks.
File: HealBot Continued12-15-06
Posted By: LaRIC
I am usually in the group of one of the main tanks. This makes it harder for me to use healbot as I want to see all the maintanks grouped together. It would be really nice to have an option saying maintanks overrides own group. That means that if a maintank is in own group it should be listed as a maintank and not a group member....
File: HealBot Continued12-11-06
How should I set up the options so...
Posted By: LaRIC
How should I set up the options so I can see who has magic on them that i should dispell. I want the bar to change color no matter what their health is.. I can see their health anyhow.. I hope the magic thing isnt only out of combat or on the color of their names as I cannot see that while in combat.. too small and too small di...
File: MikScrollingBattleText09-18-06
Re: Salute and Curious
Posted By: LaRIC
Originally posted by katerisg I a little skeptic on ACE2 as when one mod updates to the latest lib, another, if not updated, cant use whats already loaded by an updated ACE2 addon. To much to keep track for me. Actually old addons will get to use the new library. They are API compatible so the old addon should get the benefits...
File: FuBar 3.6.505-09-06
Tooltip bug? or not?
Posted By: LaRIC
I had the annoying problem with ItemBonus not showing its tooltip unless i choose to detach it. I assumed there was a bug in Fubar wich caused it. As it came along with 1.1.xxxx build. But seeing others not having problems. I went to investigate. The simple solution was to remove the fubar.lua from my wtf directory and let fub...