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File: ProcAlert10-02-19
Re: xx
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You can't put up a screenshot? Done.
File: LFGShout09-28-19
How can I remove star from my messa...
Posted By: shervin
How can I remove star from my message? Yo can't atm. Maybe I add this option in the future.
File: LFGShout09-21-19
Hi there! Nice add-on I really appr...
Posted By: shervin
Hi there! Nice add-on I really appreciate the simplicity of the design. I would like to make one suggestions though; don't promote using other channels to look for groups. Nudge your users into good behavior and let it only spam LFG channel, leave everything else for everything else. Thank you. Hi and thank's for the feedback. I...
File: LFGShout09-19-19
Re: Spanish version?
Posted By: shervin
Hi, your addon is great and too useful. But i can't run it because all channels appears as "0" in the checkbox maybe is because i'm playing in spanish? Please help me with the following words in other languages than English: General LookingForGroup Trade - City Thank you!
File: LFGShout09-15-19
Re: Lua Error on Classic
Posted By: shervin
Thanks for the bug report. I have fixed this issue. Please download the latest version. Message: Interface\AddOns\LFGShout\LFGShout.lua:103: bad argument #2 to 'SetFormattedText' (number expected, got nil) Time: Thu Aug 8 23:02:43 2019 Count: 1 Stack: Interface\AddOns\LFGShout\LFGShout.lua:103: bad argument #2 to 'SetFor...
File: Questie09-11-19
Please fix the quest:  The Sacred F...
Posted By: shervin
Please fix the quest:  The Sacred Flame ID: 1195 The moon well location is not marked on the map. The marks is still on the map even after filling the  and getting the .