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File: LockeeUI [Ultrawide]03-12-19
Just an information: You are missin...
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Just an information: You are missing one folder under WTF. It has to be "World of Warcraft/_retail/WTF/Account/ACCOUNTNAME" The "Account" Folder is missing, that's why the profiles are missing. :)
File: ThinkTankUI [Remastered]02-21-17
I just want to say thank you for th...
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I just want to say thank you for this really nice UI!
File: Altz UI for BFA02-18-17
Re: Personal Resource Display
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Hi. Just instaled your ui and I realy like it. Nice work on it. I have one problem and it is turning of the Personal Resource Display (health and mana showing up in the midle of the screen). What hapens is that I turn it off in Interface-names. But after a relog, exiting the game or reload it turns back on. So I am wondering...
File: HelloUI (1920x1080)10-08-12
Is there a way to show the leaving...
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Is there a way to show the leaving button for vehicles? :D Nice UI!
File: ChrisUI V1.0.5 (1920x1080 & 1680x1050)04-11-12
Jap, Kungaloosh war es :) Hatte es...
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Jap, Kungaloosh war es :) Hatte es schon voher herausgefunden. Was mir ansonsten aufgefallen ist, dass Broker sehr viele LUA Fehler verursacht, was ab und zu bei schnellen bewegungen zum sehr kurzen Standbild führen kann, da zuviele Fehler sind. Das führt ab und zu zum Disconnect. Ich benutz es aber jetzt immernoch, nur halt ohne...
File: ChrisUI V1.0.5 (1920x1080 & 1680x1050)04-04-12
Sehr schönes Interface. :) Aus d...
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Sehr schönes Interface. :) Aus deinen Screenshots entnehme ich mal, dass du deutsch kannst. Es gibt nur eine kleine Frage.. Welches Addon macht die Automarks in Instanzen? :D