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File: ClosetGnome04-20-09
Posted By: zord
Thanks for the great addon. It looks like it underwent a few changes around the release of patch 3.1. The menu is quite a bit simpler, and the text-based commands no longer work. Are there any plans to add these back? It was nice being able to type "/cg wear " and not have to create a macro or use the map icon.
File: Ghost: Pulse03-16-09
Originally posted by Footrot The...
Posted By: zord
Originally posted by Footrot The next version of GP however (currently under development) will feature a plug-in architecture, so maybe some enterprising young warrior/rogue add-on author could write the module needed when the new GP is released. :) Cool, I might look into doing that myself then. How far off is the next version?
File: TipTop03-15-09
Great addon! One thing I have kind...
Posted By: zord
Great addon! One thing I have kind of wished it had is the ability to display a target's mana somewhere. I'm not sure how easy this is, or if you would even consider it for a future version?
File: Ghost: Pulse03-15-09
Thanks for the great addon. I was w...
Posted By: zord
Thanks for the great addon. I was wondering if it would be possible to display pulses whenever spells such as Revenge (Warrior) become available. Note that this is not the same as coming off cooldown, as Revenge requires me to dodge, parry or block an attack before it lights up.