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File: PredatorArchy04-30-11
the zip file being posted for downl...
Posted By: friiar
the zip file being posted for download is version 1.0 not version 1.2
File: ClosetGnome05-19-09
patch 3.1.2
Posted By: friiar
ClosetGnome is saying it is loading. it shows up under the wow interface listing as running. i do not get the mini map icon and the /script marco to change sets is failing. i have tried deleting the wtf folder and running only closetgnome to rule out a conflict with another addon. i can only assume something with the blizz eq...
File: SellFish02-23-09
icecrown quest rewards not listing prices
Posted By: friiar
over the weekend i finished up the last quests in ice crown. i started noticing some if not all rewards from these quests did not have vendor prices listed. every thing else looks covered in the early ice crown quests signed Happy user