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File: Archy - Archaeology Assistant06-17-11
cant solve
Posted By: incognitoo
well i did update to this latest version and cant solve my rares (cant solve anything tbh) , i have stuff thats done for solving and tried to solve with scrolls and without aswell and nothing happens when i click solve.. anyone else that had this problem? other then that, wonderful addon love it:banana: Still no reaction from...
File: Archy bugfix - DISCONTINUED05-04-11
Patch 4.1
Posted By: incognitoo
Originally posted by GillB Thanks so much for the digsite box solution ... the oversized box kept making the contents walk up the screen every time I moved forward, however the solution seems to have worked :) Since patch 4.1 i get this aswell, anyone that has a solution?
File: Bartender403-06-11
Problem using bartender with dif chars
Posted By: incognitoo
Hey there, my problem is that even tho bartender is enabled i cant use it when i play my Druid, Warrior or Paladin instead Blizzards regualr bars show it works just fine on other chars. anyone that experienced something like this? Dominos works just fine and isnt enabled @ the same time(pretty logic init ;) ) :banana:
File: BindPad - GUI to set keybindings for spell/item/macro02-08-11
changing spec etc
Posted By: incognitoo
i keep on losindig my bindings when ive changed spec etc, even if i log in i often lose my bindings. any ideas?
File: Auctionator01-20-11
Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Does't work at all after 3.3.3
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Originally posted by Zirco Well, I still can't reproduce it. I'm baffled. Ive just found this addon and love it.. the thing is it just "dissapears", its in my addons and ticked in but when i go in to a AH its not there. any idea?
File: Faceroller01-16-11
Re: Re: Re: me also
Posted By: incognitoo
Originally posted by decipherable I'll look into it. Are there any errors popping up? I took a look at the Fury Warrior for Faceroller page and saw the thread and the screenshot. But that's not a lot for me to go off of. nope not a single error, just that theres no modules loadad
File: Faceroller01-12-11
Re: me also
Posted By: incognitoo
Originally posted by ironlung111 I also can't get any modules to work. I installed faceroller downloaded the patch copied the contents of the patch into faceroller folder replacing old files. If i did anything wrong let me know and what i need to do to update correctly. Its clearly not working, hence the neglectance of the au...
File: Faceroller01-06-11
Re: Re: Modules
Posted By: incognitoo
Originally posted by decipherable Are these updated modules for 4.0.x? same for me, and yes they are.. im using the fury warrior module and keep on getting the msg that theres no module for that
File: AftermathhUI01-13-10
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Originally posted by Game92 Can't you stop being gay? and get fuck off my interface..post. How about you atleast credit the people from who you completly ripped off?:cool:
File: AftermathhUI01-12-10
Posted By: incognitoo
Nice looking UI, i belive ive seen it someplace else.. oh wait, theres comments about it on the ensidia forum's... i bet Muqq loves this one:rolleyes:
File: Jasje_UI [1680x1050] Final.09-25-09
Re: Re: Having an issue with the ui
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Originally posted by webepgp Same here :( and same here, shame :( hope this gets sorted asap as i like the UI aswell :banana: