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File: InviteMe - Wintergrasp (Outdated)04-19-09
Posted By: picses
I had to delete all my addons and re-install. I currently use WoWMatrix. When I went to redownload this, it wouldn't let me. I'm trying to manually install but it's not going well. Please help! I use this addon so much! :-P
File: InviteMe - Wintergrasp (Outdated)04-03-09
Lvl restrictions
Posted By: picses
Ok - I really like this add-on. However, while using in trade, I have the persistent problem of low lvls auto-inviting themselves to the raid. Very annoying. Perhaps working in some sort of lvl filter (perhaps lvl 70+, or make the filter adjustable for those that just want lvl 80s). I also like the idea of being able to have a list o...