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File: Touchy UI 1920 x 108010-24-12
Nice version but HOLY CRAP at the n...
Posted By: Sarutankah
Nice version but HOLY CRAP at the name of one of the players!! How does somebody get away with naming their character that and last 5 minutes with it? Oh ... my ... god. New Screenshot incoming, that aint right :S :eek:
File: oUF_Freebgrid10-23-12
Losing texture
Posted By: Sarutankah
Hi, awesome addon - have been using since I found it. Only one issue for me - whenever I select "reverse fill direction" in status bar menu and have anyone coming in and out of groups/raids (or sometimes solo) the colour will change to a shiny silver. Only happens when that option is checked, have that option checked because ha...