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File: BobUI Classic (v6.1 beta)12-13-19
Issue with /uisetup
Posted By: Nanovirus
Hey! I got everything installed and enabled, but when i type /uisetup nothing happens, I get: "Type '/help' for a listing of a few commands." in chat, like it doesn't exist. Thanks for any help.
File: Zork UI - Classic Redux12-10-19
Target Level
Posted By: Nanovirus
I want to have the level show up on the targets unitframe. I have gone into the oUF target.lua, and added: --level level = { enabled = true, size = {18,18}, Point = {"CENTER","RIGHT",0,0}, }, But this doesn't seem to do anything. Im not too sure how to add it, can anyone help me out here? I'm wanting it...
File: Thebestroll UI 8.3.012-10-19
Quest Objective Tab
Posted By: Nanovirus
Where do I move the quest Objectives? Nothing in MoveAnything will work. Is there another addon controlling it?
File: FreeUI 11-07-19
Chat Bubbles
Posted By: Nanovirus
Does anyone know how to get the Chat Bubbles to appear again? I selected the 'bubble' option under the chat settings, but it doesnt do anything that I have noticed. Thanks for any help.