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File: Capping09-19-13
change the if else block at 517 to:...
Posted By: Intangir
change the if else block at 517 to: if map and (teamsize == "BATTLEGROUND" or teamsize == "ARENA") then map = format("%s", map) end getbattlefieldstatus no longer returns arena team sizes, only the string "ARENA"
File: Capping09-18-13
not sure its been reported, but whe...
Posted By: Intangir
not sure its been reported, but when i queued for arena yesterday, i started to see a capping error i dont recall if it persisted in the arena because i unloaded it asap
File: Dominos05-27-13
the addon isn't showing death knigh...
Posted By: Intangir
the addon isn't showing death knight runes for me anymore it used to back on .. before mop i havent played deathknight much since then but i have a level 85 worgen DK im trying to play and i can't get runes to show, i tried switching specs, relogging, relogging off my mount, etc.. doesn't work
File: AuctionLite12-04-11
Posted By: Intangir
searching for any items takes a very long time and the buyout values arent listed
File: SnowfallKeyPress05-22-11
Posted By: Intangir
i think this is built into the latest client now so unneeded .. i think
File: Mapster05-22-11
battlefield minimap
Posted By: Intangir
i also really miss that battlefield minimap feature does anyone know if there is another addon that does that? or does the author plan to bring that feature back eventually?
File: AuctionLite11-07-10
it just bid on an item past the one...
Posted By: Intangir
it just bid on an item past the one i selected.. which was way more gold this error occurs VERY frequently when buying out multiple selections
File: Mapster10-27-10
the minimap doesnt show colored cla...
Posted By: Intangir
the minimap doesnt show colored class dots anymore its only showing the defaults i mean the one that is for battleground and stuff, not the sized down normal map regular map still works (and without garbled icons now)
File: OhSnap10-15-10
hope you get it working then, reall...
Posted By: Intangir
hope you get it working then, really useful addon
File: Altoholic10-15-10
Originally posted by squall14716...
Posted By: Intangir
Originally posted by squall14716 I've had a small issue with this addon for a while now, and I thought it'd be worth mentioning. It probably wouldn't affect many people, but yeah. Anyways: I route all of my WTF folder settings for both of my accounts to the same directory. That means, as far as any addons are concerned, I have a...
File: AuctionLite10-15-10
mass canceling doesnt work same as...
Posted By: Intangir
mass canceling doesnt work same as with posting it requires hardware event or whatever
File: AuctionLite10-15-10
Posted By: Intangir
i really appreciate the update this is probably my favorite auction addon (theres alot of apples/oranges in this category though)
File: Aloft Alpha03-28-10
: Aloft-3.0.5-1709-enUS\AloftHealth...
Posted By: Intangir
: Aloft-3.0.5-1709-enUS\AloftHealthBar\AloftHealthBarDeficit.lua:136: attempt to perform arithmetic on local 'value' (a nil value) Aloft-3.0.5-1709-enUS\AloftHealthBar\AloftHealthBarDeficit.lua:239: in function `?' CallbackHandler-1.0-5 (Ace3):147: in function <...Ons\Ace3\CallbackHandler-1.0\CallbackHandler-1.0.lua:147> :...
File: AudioX II03-27-10
thanks they leave me little choi...
Posted By: Intangir
thanks they leave me little choice with some of these annoying sounds ;)
File: AudioX II03-26-10
is it possible to disable a sound f...
Posted By: Intangir
is it possible to disable a sound from playing again? like replace its sound with silence? ive seen another addon that did this, i think it was with the flying machine but id like to disable shaman wolves sounds also, it is SOOO DAMN ANNOYING and totally chaotic sounding and it doesnt shut up for like a minute
File: Aloft Alpha03-25-10
ive also been getting an error in A...
Posted By: Intangir
ive also been getting an error in AloftHealthBarDeficit but the issue with the the healthbar is fixed (i used non-blizz texture for healthbar already) the cast bar is showing the flickering as it casts (flickers between full and its actual %) and im not using a blizz texture for that one.. or at least i set it to x-perl's 8th t...
File: AuctionLite01-07-10
2 feature requests (1 oddity) th...
Posted By: Intangir
2 feature requests (1 oddity) the oddity ive noticed is: when you do regular scans of certain items (like i do with favorites) sometimes there will be items that are for sale at WAY under the norm but it wont list that as the price on the buy items listing for example say Abyss Crystals usually sell for 37 gold and today seve...
File: Mapster12-22-09
can you make it so you can scale th...
Posted By: Intangir
can you make it so you can scale the player/poi blips on the maps? battlefield minimap, main main and small mainmap? that would be all the functionality i need to replace this old addon: http://www.wowinterface.com/downloads/info7960-BattlefieldLocator.html (you can take code from it if you like) between capping and mapster i...
File: Mapster12-13-09
Point of interest icons not showing up
Posted By: Intangir
i noticed in isle of conquest point of interest (POI) icons werent showing up in main map, quest mini map, or battle minimap
File: X-Perl UnitFrames12-09-09
alot of you are posting bad links...
Posted By: Intangir
alot of you are posting bad links heres a higher level listing of the files on that site, it shows a 3.3 release http://www.wowace.com/addons/xperl/files/
File: Aloft (Beta) Test Alternate09-15-09
When are you going to merge this in...
Posted By: Intangir
When are you going to merge this into the other version? this is the most bug free version of aloft ive used for quite a long time ;) great work, and thx
File: X-Perl UnitFrames09-12-09
how do you turn off the 'without bu...
Posted By: Intangir
how do you turn off the 'without buff:' stuff on the tooltips for buffs/debuffs
File: OhSnap09-09-09
thanks this seems to be a pretty da...
Posted By: Intangir
thanks this seems to be a pretty damn nice addon minimal configuration, and gets what i want done i was using afflicted but you could literally spend 2-3 hours configuring it to get it to how i want it (pretty much like yours is) and it kept losing its configuration
File: Aloft (Beta) Test Alternate09-09-09
ill try it, i was also seeing wrong...
Posted By: Intangir
ill try it, i was also seeing wrong colors on neutral critters and lots of players and player pets, and shaman totems -- i just tried it and it seems to be working so far i havent seen a wrong color yet default seems to be red instead of random ;)
File: Aloft08-26-09
issue with shaman class coloring
Posted By: Intangir
ive seen this before but forgot how i fixed it but the class bar coloring isnt working only for shamans theirs will be the default red, some of them when i select them it changes to blue like its set to, but others it doesnt, before selecting them they are always red they are the only class it happens with but also hunter...