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File: LS: UI09-14-21
man i wished this worked on classic...
Posted By: lolmaru
man i wished this worked on classic. i used it on retail for a few years now
File: LS: UI01-27-21
Posted By: lolmaru
any option for 3d portrait or portrait at all?
File: LS: UI04-11-20
tooltip on party frame
Posted By: lolmaru
I'm currently using Vuhdo and i'm getting this annoying tooltip popping up on when I shift click the frame and sometimes it's just a empty blank box. I know it's this addon because when I turn it off it's not there. Is there a way to keep the tooltip feature present when hovering over peoples names like normal, but disabling it when...
File: LS: UI03-12-19
Special Action bar and party frames
Posted By: lolmaru
So the special action bar that comes up for certain quests and vehicles I get no keybinds. Does this action bar use the same keybinds as the main action bar? I dont use keybinds for the main action bar becuase of the way i the other action bars are layed out for me. How come we cant do anything with the main action bar like resiz...