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File: hud06-20-09
Energy Update
Posted By: Qanik
As a Rogue it is important to pool your energy for maximum dps. Without smooth updates in 1 energy steps pooling energy is more difficult. Would be very nice to have an option to turn on energy polling instead of waiting for UNIT_ENERGY. Also having the target name optional would be awesome.
File: oUF Perfect10-16-08
option to hide raid
Posted By: Qanik
please, please, please add a lua option to disable raid frames (always showing group frames) :)
File: NugRunning09-17-08
You are missing - Sprint - Enven...
Posted By: Qanik
You are missing - Sprint - Envenom (new Selfbuff after performing Envenom) - Riposte - Garotte (silence and damage) - Hemorrhage - Vanish (improved stealth after performing Vanish) - Adrenaline Rush - Blade Flurry - Cold Blood - Ghostly Strike - Improved Kick (talented silence after performing a Kick) - Rupture - Kill...