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File: Producer02-04-11
Which version is the correct one?
Posted By: jbashara
I'm seeing a couple different versions of Producer; one on Curse/Wowace that's supposedly compatible up to client version 4.0.3a (which works, with errors, though) and and even newer version here at Wowinterface, listed as v2.5.6 and updated on Jan 20, 2010 (however I couldn't get this newer version to work at all; when clicking on a...
File: GathererDB WoWHead01-14-11
Originally posted by Limi Just up...
Posted By: jbashara
Originally posted by Limi Just updated my DB from WoWHead again, which can be found here... https://github.com/lloydpick/gathererdb_wowhead/raw/master/DB_WowheadData.lua Simply replace the one in the GathererDB_WoWHead addon with this one. Then load up go to Gatherer settings and click the Import button under Database. I a...
File: GathererDB WoWHead01-14-11
Can't import; button unresponsive?
Posted By: jbashara
Hey all, I recently re-installed Gatherer specifically so I could import the Wowhead database for Cataclysm herb nodes. I learned that to do that, I needed the third-party database linked in a few posts below (the one at that author's Git Hub). Anyway, followed the advice in these comments and I just imported the database .lua fil...
File: Mapster12-18-10
Mousewheel scrolling to zoom in/out in World Map...
Posted By: jbashara
Ever since WoW patch 4.01, I haven't been able to zoom in and out of the World Map using the mouse scrollwheel, as was previously available. I've tried using several different character profiles and other methods to see if this was a compatibility problem, but the issue persists. Is this a new limitation due to Blizzard's API? I'm...
File: Texture Browser12-18-10
Sorry, just to confirm then, is thi...
Posted By: jbashara
Sorry, just to confirm then, is this only an icon browser or does it support spell textures (for use in addons like SexyMap) as well? Thanks
File: Broker: StartMenu12-17-10
Bug/compatibility problem causing
Posted By: jbashara
Hey Lonny, just wanted to let you know about a problem I've noticed with this addon... It actually took me awhile to isolate that Lonny Broker Menu was causing the issue, but I was experiencing some pretty intensive CPU cycles that was causing an odd "hitching" problem. During normal gameplay I'd notice a slight FPS drop and an even...
File: DocsFastLoot12-04-10
I looked through the addon folder a...
Posted By: jbashara
I looked through the addon folder an LUA to try to get a better idea of what the actual function of this addon is, but I couldn't figure it out... By "loot faster," do you mean that this addon bypasses Blizzard's default looting interface and process? (I noticed you included a couple custom sound files to replace the default loot sou...
File: SplitItems (On-The-Fly)11-22-10
Thanks for updating this addon! I'm...
Posted By: jbashara
Thanks for updating this addon! I'm about to check it out now; I'll try to let you know via the ticket system if I notice any bugs or problems. Great addon! Glad it's back! I also like the new modular design for merchant items... Makes me think that you could apply the addon to other facets of the game in the future...
File: SplitItems (On-The-Fly)11-12-10
Okay, really missing this addon...
Posted By: jbashara
Anyone have a temporary LUA fix that we can copypasta? This is one of the most underrated addons out there, in my opinion, and I'd love to continue using it without the current mousewheel bug. Cheers!
File: SplitItems (On-The-Fly)11-02-10
Originally posted by Xarl Addon d...
Posted By: jbashara
Originally posted by Xarl Addon does not work with 4.0.1 anymore since it will stop even the in game scrolling from your char Just a Heads up So THIS is the addon that's disabling my in-game mouse scrolling... Man, this should have been the first addon I checked, considering it's functionality. Glad I read your post; might...
File: ChatBox05-23-10
It's always the simple ones...
Posted By: jbashara
...that are usually the best. Nice addon; I'm downloading it right now to check it out. I'm actually hoping it's compatible with the chat addon "Chatter," because that's a feature-rich chat client that I couldn't live without. Ironically though, I've never seen this simple function in any of those big chat addon suites. Even if it...
File: ToolTipTabs02-23-10
Posted By: jbashara
Originally posted by Swal Hi! I've recently installed this addon, and would like to know if you are planning to add the function to be able to open a tooltip for our own item/achievment from inventory (or inspect frame, achievement frame, etc) and not only from chat links. Example: I open up a link for my item, click on somethin...
File: ChocolateBar (Broker Display)02-17-10
Re: Re: MoreChocolate
Posted By: jbashara
Originally posted by yess MoreChocolate toggles a "ChocolateBar" Bar. So it does not make any sense to be stand-alone. But its a broker plugin non the less so it should appear on any LDB display/launcher that supports plugins of the type launcher as long as you have ChocolateBar loaded and MoreChocolate enabled in its options....
File: Wintergrasper Advanced (w/Tol'Barad)02-15-10
LDB Support
Posted By: jbashara
I made sure I scanned through the comments before posting to see if the LDB support issue had been raised, and it looks like it has. I just thought I'd post a new reply to make it easier for people to notice, along with requesting a status update of how the LDB support is coming along...it took me awhile to figure out what was going...
File: ChocolateBar (Broker Display)02-15-10
Posted By: jbashara
Is it possible to use the MoreChocolate plug-in as a "stand-alone LDB plug-in", so to speak? I really love the functionality of it, but with a few of my profiles, I'm using a different LDB launcher. It would be really handy to be able to use MoreChocolate with any LDB launcher, even though that might seem counter-intuitive. I wouldn'...
File: SplitItems (On-The-Fly)02-15-10
Great addon
Posted By: jbashara
I love it when developers come up with simple little addons like these; it's dead-simple and lightweight, but does the job extremely well. Using the scroll wheel to "cycle" through the number of items you want to select from the stack is really intuitive as well. Great job with this. Reminds me of Tekkub's work!
File: GnomishVendorShrinker02-15-10
Posted By: jbashara
Tekkub shoots and scores again! Efficient simplicity in action!
File: Broker: StartMenu02-09-10
Posted By: jbashara
Absolutely love it. Thank you.
File: SplitItems (On-The-Fly)02-08-10
Posted By: jbashara
Sounds better than EnhancedStackSplit; gonna download it now and check it out!
File: BagSync02-06-10
Awesome update
Posted By: jbashara
Really awesome update! I didn't notice the new additions to BagSync until just this evening, but it looks really great. It's amazing that the total addon size is only 21.46kb as well, especially now that BagSync appears to include all the features of similar addons. I can't wait to check out the memory and CPU usage in-game, too. Gre...
File: BagSync02-02-10
Originally posted by Derkyle MAIL...
Posted By: jbashara
Originally posted by Derkyle MAIL Checking: Well after reviewing the code and looking at the API. It is not feasible right now to do a MAIL Checking routine. The reason I say this is because, there are currently no way right now to check the contents of a package (Correctly). Since lots of people like using the packaging feat...
File: BagSync02-01-10
Re: Re: Mail counts?
Posted By: jbashara
Originally posted by Derkyle Currently there is no way to get mail information without scanning every single page and opening all the items. This has been troublesome since the creation of 'crates' or packaged items. Blizzard really hasn't made a great way to scan for items in the mail. (There is and it IS POSSIBLE, I just don't...
File: BagSync02-01-10
Mail counts?
Posted By: jbashara
Any way to add mail counts to the tooltip? This addon caught my eye because I've been looking for a less-memory-intensive alternative to the "Armory" addon, but I noticed on the description that mail inventory counts aren't included. (A lot of bank alts store crap in the mailbox; just helps to see how many of X are waiting in Y's mai...
File: Revelation10-17-09
Posted By: jbashara
Sweet baby Jesus, Torhal. This addon is one of those gems that only come around once every so often.
File: Broker_CPU / Memory / Performance06-02-09
Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: IconR
Posted By: jbashara
Originally posted by xtoq I finally found it. However, I recommend you still follow my troubleshooting, as I'm sure the author would like to know about this weirdness. Open Broker_CPU.lua in an editor like Notepad (make sure it is a plain text editor, not Word or Works). Delete line 1096 completely, leaving no blank line. The...