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File: Altoholic02-29-12
Re: Re: Justice/Valor points? Am I missing something?
Posted By: Korwian
If you've installed it properly, it's under Currency tab. Yup, works like a charm and also about the AiL - It seems to update after briefly equipping another item and then back again, toggle Altoholic (/alto toggle) off/on and it now shows correct AiL too.. Gotta love it! :D :banana:
File: Altoholic02-29-12
Justice/Valor points? Am I missing something?
Posted By: Korwian
Hi Thaoky and community :) First, I'd loved to search the forum and even more so the comments here before asking this - but that feature doesn't seem to be around?.. So I'll just blatantly ask here hoping someone will pity me with an answer :p How do I (or where do I) see my alts Justice/Valor points, maybe even if they've been...
File: ElvUI_EmbedRight02-22-12
Not working?
Posted By: Korwian
Hello :) Love that this addon was made, but does it still work? :confused: I just installed it yesterday, and it has no influence on my Recount frame at all - I can see that it loads in the chatframe, but no trace of any config options in ElvUI config nor can I find any options for the addon itself.. Can someone help me? :)...
File: bdBuffs09-27-11
Debuffs not positioned correctly?
Posted By: Korwian
Thanks for a sweet looking addon, however I can't get it to work properly. Buffs are placed right where they are supposed to, but debuffs (Forbereance, Exhausted, to name a few) gets placed in my upperright corner (on top of my map) regardless of where the anchors are (??) Tried deleting the info from the layout-local cache in...
File: Stuf Unit Frames (and Raid)03-11-11
Possible to get Blizz DK Rune bars?
Posted By: Korwian
Hi there, Just installed Stuf from another UI package and absolutely love it! :D.. Suits my needs perfectly! - one question comes to mind though: - Is it possible to get the Blizzard icons for Runes for the Death Knight instead of the 6 small bars? Just as the shards for Warlock and Holy Power for Paladin are the exact same...
File: Matheney's Healing UI03-05-11
Re: Re: Sweet looks
Posted By: Korwian
Originally posted by matheney2k I will see about getting a Picture with all the classes you listed, basically the ones with special frames attached to their frame, up soon. Also my UI works fine with vehicles Thanks mate - looking forward to it.. :) :banana:
File: Matheney's Healing UI03-03-11
Sweet looks
Posted By: Korwian
Hey Matheney and other mUI followers :D Quick question about classes and their combo stacks when using this UI I have a shaman that I care deeply for, but he has a 9 brothers each practicing their own class :p - how well does the UI fit with all 10 classes? Here I'm thinking pet-control, runes, holy power, combo points, shar...
File: SpartanUI01-28-11
Thanks and question
Posted By: Korwian
Hello :), First of all, 1x :banana: for you guys to bring back SpartanUI - Keep up the great work! I'm sure the community watching, testing and appreciating is bigger than you probably know :D.. I have a quick question regarding the overall UI - is it possible to set an overall opacity of all or individual panels? Reason for me...