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File: Supervillain UI (Classic)11-27-14
Re: Call to arms button
Posted By: darthbob
You just need to drag it onto your bars.. http://i.imgur.com/Y2dntiR.jpg?1 Hello after hearthstoning to my garrison i cannot remove the Call to arms Button from the middle of my screen i've tried relogging and /reload ui. Anyone help please?
File: Matheney's Healing UI02-15-11
Chat pane
Posted By: darthbob
Hey, I was using prat prior to installing this ui, and have since added prat again and removed chatter. Problem is that the text within the chat frame is now not able to be seen, seems covered over by that black frame. Any ideas? Edit: Nevermind figured it out, by selecting no border or colouring for that panel.