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File: Clique01-15-20
clique debug
Posted By: bartg71
/clique debug didnt do anything when run; just popped up the window that shows what spell bindings were set to which spell (same as when you have spell book open & you hit the clique tab/button to swap bindings) when I target myself w/default player frame enabled for click casting, bindings work fine. If I try to use default 'comp...
File: Clique01-14-20
broken in 8.3
Posted By: bartg71
broken in 8.3; bindings fail to work tho they are still listed/saved correctly, using default blizz party & raid frames
File: Simple LFG09-21-19
Close window button/box?
Posted By: bartg71
is there a 'Close window button/box?', if not would be awesome to add one, or let 'esc key' close it
File: QuestGuru_Classic08-28-19
w/most recent version you posted, i...
Posted By: bartg71
w/most recent version you posted, it doesnt load at all
File: Questie06-09-19
Weak auras 2 classic, vendor price,...
Posted By: bartg71
Weak auras 2 classic, vendor price,real mob health, modern quest watch,recount,titan panel, dbm,chatter,omniCC,postal,questie,miks scrolling battle text it seems to come & go for me, so not sure what's causing it.
File: Questie06-07-19
abandon quest bug
Posted By: bartg71
Attempting to abandon a quest from log tries to drop top most quest in the same area/zone drop down instead
File: Vendor Price05-22-19
Count errors?
Posted By: bartg71
Getting spammed with 'count' errors when hovering over un-opened mailbox item w/most recent version .06; not sure if its happening to other folks. On the Classic Beta version
File: PerfectRaid07-20-18
upon 1st loading the update for 8.0...
Posted By: bartg71
upon 1st loading the update for 8.01-- the addon's default frame config appears w/basic trackable buffs (rejuv etc in my case as a resto-druid) and then after adding a buff/spell to track, all stop showing.(the auras to right of players health frame) Have show only my buffs selected as normal. Adding spells/buffs in config seems fine...
File: DJBags11-21-17
settings command bug?
Posted By: bartg71
Since most recent update, the slash commands to open config/settings aren't working; have tried the following --- /djb, /djbags, /dj or /db, none seem to work. /sadface EDIT: re-installed addon, problem solved, yay PS: as a disabled gamer, I'd love for there to be an X or "close window" button for the bank AND inventory bag win...
File: Details! Damage Meter07-30-17
Turning off window auto-grouping?
Posted By: bartg71
I am looking to turn off the 'auto-grouping' more than 1 window when moved next to each other, is that possible? Can't seem to find the option anyplace, unless I'm blind as a bat?
File: Big Dumb Loot Council02-10-17
personal loot trade/voting?
Posted By: bartg71
Is this only viable if raid is on Master Looter, or can someone link a tradeable item to an officer to then be linked for others interest / voting?
File: Player XP Bar11-22-16
love this addon, been using it fore...
Posted By: bartg71
love this addon, been using it forever-- any thoughts or chances of creating an addon bar that tracks artifact power for currently equipped wep to pair with it, or as a separate bar? Would LOVE that!
File: XIV_Databar08-06-16
addon not loading
Posted By: bartg71
oddly, addon not loading at all; does it have another addon as a dependency?
File: Altz UI for BFA07-12-16
Not loading UI portion
Posted By: bartg71
same issue as other poster, only Aurora & OGlow are working, oddly--- does Bartender4 need to be disabled?
File: DJBags07-06-16
love this....
Posted By: bartg71
Been using Baud Manifest for eons, but its not updated for Legion PTR/Beta yet, so gave DJBags a try. Love it so far! 2 things: 1. what is the row of clickable buttons at the bottom right of the whole frame / how are they accessed or assigned? 2. small suggestion-- can you add a close window / frame button? if there's a way ot...
File: MikScrollingBattleText06-02-16
Legion beta update soon*TM*?
Posted By: bartg71
Wondered if any work was being done on an update for Legion Beta .. would love to see one, default combat text is so bleh! am lost w/o my fav text addon
File: Blacksteel UI05-01-16
YAy, its alive! Love it-- found pos...
Posted By: bartg71
YAy, its alive! Love it-- found possible buggy-boo tho, maybe. In the micro-menu bar, there's no 'escape button' function. Question mark has 'escape' tooltip; but goes to the help/ticket browser. Maybe add 'options' button in row-- a cute gear icon perhaps? Will love playing w/this-- so well done!
File: nMainbar03-02-15
exp bar #s always visible?
Posted By: bartg71
love the addon! Is there a setting in the LUA config that I am missing to make the exp bar / rep bar text not mouseover-able? -- as in, always visible? Let me know if I'm perhaps not seeing something? Thx!
File: Clique01-06-15
Was wondering if anyone knew how to...
Posted By: bartg71
Was wondering if anyone knew how to turn off Clique integration on Player / Target / Target of Target and Focus frames when using Shadowed Unit Frames? I still want it to register for my raid / party frames, but not the others. Tried turning off Blizz frames integration like I do when I was using the default Blizz UF's but, that's...
File: Skada Damage Meter11-01-14
Problem creating windows
Posted By: bartg71
Ever since updating to the most recent version of Skada, upon logging back into the game, there are no default windows and attempting to create new ones simply fails. Anyone else having this problem? I deleted all previous WTF saved variables and installed fresh, same issue. Not sure how to fix.
File: Qarth UI08-04-14
Great work!
Posted By: bartg71
Love this UI!! Hope to see it updated as needed into Warlords. Keep up the great job!
File: OrlanHeal07-28-14
love this, but there's a spell missing
Posted By: bartg71
Tried this out earlier today as a Resto druid. Noticed that the glyphed mushroom, which is a targeted spell, doesnt have a 'bindable' option for click casting in the config. Could that be added please? Thx! Looks great otherwise! oh, and is there a way to resize or scale the ability icons on top of the raid / health frames? They see...
File: XPPercent06-21-14
addon wont work /sadface
Posted By: bartg71
would love to use this add on as well, but when I type 'xp' to show slash commands, or /xpunlock etc, nothing happens at all. I do not run any other addons for unit-frames so I don't have the same 'x-perl' problem as mentioned in the other comment here.
File: CompassHUD06-01-14
not saving position again...
Posted By: bartg71
Seems the position has started resetting again upon log out or reload-ui. Was working briefly, but now, not so much. Just wanted to give ya a heads up. /wave
File: CompassHUD05-29-14
Posted By: bartg71
Ty, works great! Keep up the great work w/your addons. Very helpful stuff.