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File: Qulight UI06-21-15
Compliment: Oustanding Ui - never stop updating!
Posted By: Wrelic
Hey, My last Ui guy, quit his Ui this expansion, your Ui is better than his, and is the best thing I've seen a long time. Please don't stop updating! Cheers buddy!
File: Vacant UI - Become a Better Player06-14-15
Default Warrior Procs images
Posted By: Wrelic
Hi Vacant, I just recently changed to your Ui, I really like it. Although quick question, for some reason, this Ui disables all my default warrior procs, so for example, when I get Wild Strike procs and Raging Blow procs. Also, I was just doing Blackwing Lair, and you have to control the dragon, and there is no pet bar which co...
File: Alltherage UI01-12-15
Cooldown Numbers
Posted By: Wrelic
Hi, Ui is working 100% correctly, other than the cooldown number are not showing when a CD is active, so say I use Lava Burst, there are no numbers counting down til its recharge.. which is really weird. Any ideas of how to activate them?
File: Al_UI07-15-14
Posted By: Wrelic
Hey man, I just wanted to let you now that, from my experience of being fussy with my User Interfaces, between having the necessary buttons, but still being minimalistic you have aced this, without any failure, compared to many other User Interfaces on WoW Interface, it is only a matter of time before yours blows theirs out of the...
File: StormUI *5.4* - For Shaman (other classes also)07-08-14
Rotation Addon?
Posted By: Wrelic
Hi there, Again great Ui, I am just starting a Rogue as an alternate class to play. I play an Elemental Shaman, and there are buttons at the centre of my screen, which tell you your rotation, I use it to help monitor cooldowns. What is it called so I can grab it for my Rogue? I thought it was for Bitten's SpellFlash, but I t...
File: StormUI *5.4* - For Shaman (other classes also)07-04-14
Cool Down Numbers
Posted By: Wrelic
Hello, Just wanted to let you know, that your Ui is the best Elvui variation I have witnessed in a very long time and I am very much enjoying it, however, there is a slight problem I have found which I am sure you can help me with. For some reason, on my Ui there are two CDs that overlap each other, you have the Elvui CoolDown...
File: VxtUI02-03-14
Posted By: Wrelic
Hey awesome work as usual. The bags interface seems slightly large compared to the pictures of your interface, how can I edit the scale? Thanks.
File: VxtUI11-12-13
The weird thing is I only re-instal...
Posted By: Wrelic
The weird thing is I only re-installed the Ui Sunday? Did you make the updates on Monday? Is that why I still have the errors?
File: VxtUI11-11-13
Some Errors, ETA on Fix?
Posted By: Wrelic
Hello, Not sure if you are able to fix this but do you have an eta of when a few of these errors will be fixed, it is just aggravating opening my character panel or map, and I have to hit ignore all the time :( Other than that amazzzzzzzzzzzzzzzing UI! :) Wrelic
File: VxtUI10-19-13
Bagnon - Masque and Colour
Posted By: Wrelic
Hey there, Its me again, love the Ui as usual.. I recently cleared my computer and re-installed WoW and wanted to get my amazing Ui back, and I install VxTui but I found that when I downloaded it, it did not have Bagnon in the download for some reason so I manually downloaded bagnon, but the graphics for bagnon is terrible, it is...
File: VxtUI09-13-13
Few Bugs
Posted By: Wrelic
Hey there I just installed 5.4 of VxT been a long time user of the User Interface, however I have noticed somethings are not working like, the bag is not broken down into its sections anymore.. there are a few other things like the mana bar for a Priest and the Quest Colour when your Tracking is not class coloured for a Priest either...
File: VxtUI05-25-13
Posted By: Wrelic
Hello There, I love Ui and it is really effective in what it has been built to do, today I tried to create a Druid alt, however I was unable to load 'Vxt' through Nib.profile loader and I was able to select it in Gnosis... Im really confused and what to simply be able to use this on all my toons Is there a fix? Thanks, F...
File: DecUI04-18-13
Re: Re: Installer
Posted By: Wrelic
How many files are there right now I only have one ZIP file, can you tell me exactly what I am missing? Hey There Dec, From looking at the images the User Interface and Compilation looks so amazing and I really want to use it. However, when I download it and try and follow the steps I don't see the installer :( Am I missing somet...
File: DecUI04-18-13
Installer Configuration Wizard
Posted By: Wrelic
Hey There Dec, From looking at the images the User Interface and Compilation looks so amazing and I really want to use it. However, when I download it and try and follow the steps I don't see the installer :( Am I missing something, I just downloaded and installed the file which was on the page im replying too. Much help would...