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File: Icicle 5.401-16-15
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Hello, just a really good addon must buggy for this because I n 6.0.3 has set .Cest happens more to say I can not remove a cooldown, I just want to keep the pvp trinket and every man for himself .merci your help
File: HopeUI12-14-14
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hello you believe it is possible to enlarge the action bars and put the names of the macro? thank you for the work, really cool
File: Lorti UI06-17-14
super job and super addons , just p...
Posted By: barricanems
super job and super addons , just problems with omnicc and Lorti Ui i have double cooldowns in my actions bars . You have idea configure in .lua ? Thanks
File: Aurora01-01-14
Fonts problems
Posted By: barricanems
Hi, great addons, just a problem for me with aurora when it is activated I do not see Asian characters like this picture http://hpics.li/c8efee1 and when it is not enabled I see http://hpics.li/f9a86cd . Or do I set this details?
File: bNameplates12-17-13
Hi , very cool addon just default...
Posted By: barricanems
Hi , very cool addon just default the debuff does not appear in pvp , my debuffs displayed on poles or monsters. Very good jobs guy's continued ps: or I place this local UpdateHealthValue = function(self) local _, maxh = self.health:GetMinMaxValues() local val = self.health:GetValue() if show_hp_value == true...