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File: Auc-Util-BigPicture10-22-10
Originally posted by Somnioblivio...
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Originally posted by Somnioblivio I'm having a problem with this add-on... its pretty much like 99% of what i want however... it seems that its having strange interactions with soulbound epics. Specifically PVP gear and soulbound BOEs. Its reading the random number that simple auction comes up with for pvp gear (10.5k for a 264 nec...
File: Attrition06-09-09
The fix is quite easy... open up...
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The fix is quite easy... open up the lua file and change local ldb_obj = LibStub("LibDataBroker-1.1"):NewDataObject("Attrition", { icon = "Interface\\Icons\\Trade_BlackSmithing.png", label = "Attrition" }) with local ldb_obj = LibStub("LibDataBroker-1.1"):NewDataObject("Attrition", { type = 'data s...
File: Professional05-20-09
if you want a good clean example of...
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if you want a good clean example of scrolling text frame, have a look at EndeavoursNotePad it uses ace libraries to manipulate data (which you may not need), but the part you want to look at is near the end, with the scroll frame. with an editbox properly set, you can use .settext() to populate it with your different strings.
File: Auc-Util-BigPicture03-23-09
Re: slash command?
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Originally posted by Apaseall Is there a way of bringing up the bigpicture info display without visiting the AH? Yes, /bp or /bigpicture there should also be a slidebar icon that you can click
File: Coconuts12-02-08
Button disappeared
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My wife recently created a flying carpet and now says that her button has disappeared for that character. others are working fine. the addon is loading and responding to slash commands. what can i do to troubleshoot this issue?
File: Auc-Util-BigPicture Beta09-14-08
New Release
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A release version of this addon has been posed at http://www.wowinterface.com/downloads/info10924-Auc-Util-BigPicture.html
File: Auc-Util-BigPicture Beta01-04-08
I had never seen that plugin before...
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I had never seen that plugin before. looking at th code, it looks like it kept detailed info about your current auctions. My addon only keeps the $$ about the auctions, and bags and bank. I thought about keeping detailed info about all the items, but the size would be an issue for me. I had thought about adding a fubar plugin...
File: Auc-Util-BigPicture Beta01-02-08
Originally posted by niennasill t...
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Originally posted by niennasill thx fo fix ... when i try 2 delete char info from config : : Auc-Util-BigPicture\BigPicture.lua:247: attempt to index field '?' (a nil value) Auc-Util-BigPicture\BigPicture.lua:160: in function `Processor' Auc-Advanced\CoreSettings.lua:249: in function `setter' Auc-Advanced\Libs\Configator\...
File: Potential Profit11-27-07
Originally posted by tardmrr Does...
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Originally posted by tardmrr Does this take into account the cut the auction house takes from your sale? Not currently, but it is my next step
File: Tungsten: Carbide09-26-07
Download issue
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Strange... Hitting the download button is only giving me 201000.6 not 20200.1 is the new file still not approved for download? or is the system having a problem?
File: TwoBox Toolkit07-06-07
Have you thought about adding this...
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Have you thought about adding this mod to the wowace site and SVN so that we can get updates via the aceupdater?
File: HealBot Continued02-04-07
I dont know if this is the proper p...
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I dont know if this is the proper place to post this... I posted it in the fizzwidget forum as well Ever since I have installed the latest addons from fizzwidget, i am getting the following errors when I mouse over my healbot window Error: HealBot_Tooltip doesn't have a "OnTooltipSetItem" script File: Interface\AddOns\GFW_AdSp...