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File: bTooltip10-15-16
can you fix it?
Posted By: kruma
13x !kamUI\bTooltip.lua:400: attempt to index global 'SPEC_CORE_ABILITY_TEXT' (a nil value) !kamUI\bTooltip.lua:400: in function : ? Locals: self = GameTooltip { 0 = unit = "nameplate8" numStatusBars = 2 default = 1 SetRecipeReagentItem = defined =:-1 SetInboxItem =
File: tullaCC04-21-16
charges fix
Posted By: kruma
how to fix this dont need show timer if charges > 0 Thanks http://imgur.com/SPi6VgD
File: ArenaReminder06-18-14
Posted By: kruma
Update addon pls from http://www.wowinterface.com/forums/showthread.php?p=293330#post293330