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File: Dock03-08-08
Posted By: arkindal
On my mac i can set the dock to auto hide/show when i mouseover the dock area, is possible to make your addon work like that? to show it only when i mouseover the dock area like the fubar do? :) Thanks, your addon is very nice and cool loocking :) 5/5 stars :P Is it a known bug that when i log in all my docked things are out of...
File: Necrosis LdC03-02-08
is there any way to remove the star...
Posted By: arkindal
is there any way to remove the starting chat spam? the one that say necrosis configuration loaded type necro to configure... Because i'd love to have a clean chat at the startup :)
File: Pawn01-04-08
Posted By: arkindal
Nice addon, where can i find scale made by more experienced players than me?:P i'd like to find some class based pvp and pve scales