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File: Classic AutoQuest09-11-19
Quest turnin prevents vendor
Posted By: Shadowspown
If you have a quest at an NPC who is also a vendor, you cannot get to the vendor without disabling the addon. Either a keybind (like shift) or automatically show the panel if the quest turnin completion isn't ready.
File: Altoholic04-09-15
Searching on realm for specific item types and levels, and only BOE
Posted By: Shadowspown
Long time altoholic. With Draenor, I've been amassing a collection of gear from salvage boxes on my toons, mostly stashed in alts guildvaults and banks. I vendor some immediately (mostly the bad wotlk/cata/pandarian which has almost no xmog or DE value, since not much is selling these days) Last night, a couple of toons bumpe...