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File: Misspelled11-25-12
r64 crashing game client
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I am also experiencing the game client crashing to the desktop when the r64 version is placed in the AddOns folder. The crash occurs on the load screen after selecting a character and clicking the "Enter World" button.Mac Pro running OSX 10.7.5. After some testing I have found that the combination of Misspelled and Auctioneer Suite...
File: Fishing Buddy06-26-11
Re: Weather-beaten fishing hat
Posted By: ZarnTheMad
Originally posted by AnrDaemon Imagine? It does! What it doesn't do, unfortunately, is take the hat off and leave your head bare when the character does not have anything equipped in the head slot. This is most obvious when the character is too low a level to wear anything in the head slot yet.
File: Fishing Buddy03-07-11
Originally posted by Sollux equip...
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Originally posted by Sollux equiping any tyope of lure breaks double right click casting canceling the lure buff restores the ability to right click cast no errors given I have a similar behavior. The following error was generated: Date: 2011-03-07 14:19:10 ID: 1 Error occured in: Global Count: 1 Message: ...\Fis...