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File: ZaxxUI (4.0) 1920x108004-28-11
Posted By: Blackfriday
Was watching your heroic Maloriak guide and was impressed with efficency and, well, beauty of your UI. Downloaded it today and was unable to get a few of the addons working, no doubt to not being updated yet. Are you planning to upload your working UI, for 4.1? Thanks Amazing job.
File: ArkInventory11-25-08
Love the mod! My issue is that I...
Posted By: Blackfriday
Love the mod! My issue is that I used to, prior ro WotLK, have many more than 16 columns or rows that I could assign categries to. I have no idea how I made that happen and cannot duplicate it in the WotLK. I think I had somewhere in the neighborhood of 30 or so. I would really like to be able to do that again. Thanks.
File: Ackis Recipe List11-01-08
I accidentally ignored some recipes...
Posted By: Blackfriday
I accidentally ignored some recipes and cannot get them to show again. Is there a way? Thanks and love the addon.
File: TellMeWhen10-28-08
Extremely well done and utile. Tha...
Posted By: Blackfriday
Extremely well done and utile. Thanks!