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File: Adapt - Classic10-07-19
Re: The overlapping stats after buffing
Posted By: Gello
I too am having this issue after buffing another target. It seems to be easy to replicate. I have a macro now to "/reload ui" for a quick fix after buffing but Please can you address this issue! This is by far my favorite addon! I have always used it :D Thanks for your hard work, -Casters who buff alot :D I ran around buffing a...
File: Classic Quest Log10-07-19
...rface\Classic Quest Log\Classic...
Posted By: Gello
...rface\Classic Quest Log\Classic Quest Log-1.4.5.lua:421: attempt to index global 'QuestNPCModel' (a nil value) ...rface\Classic Quest Log\Classic Quest Log-1.4.5.lua:421: in function 'UpdateQuestDetail' ...rface\Classic Quest Log\Classic Quest Log-1.4.5.lua:390: in function 'UpdateLog' :1: in function <:1> This happens som...
File: Classic Quest Log10-01-19
Re: error
Posted By: Gello
Date: 2019-09-30 13:44:56 ID: 1 Error occured in: Global Count: 1 Message: ...rface\AddOns\Classic Quest Log\Classic Quest Log.lua line 34: attempt to index global 'QuestLogPopupDetailFrame' (a nil value) This addon is not for Classic WoW. Classic WoW already has the classic quest log. This addon is for retail servers to res...
File: Select - Classic09-24-19
Re: Great addon
Posted By: Gello
I have had some trouble getting itemtype:Food & Drink to work. Try /select type:Consumable. They reverted the types of many things for Classic, and Food & Drink no longer appears to be a type/subtype. I don't know the extent of what's changed.
File: TinyPad09-06-19
Re: WoW-Classic
Posted By: Gello
Just wondering if this works with wow-classic or if you're going to release a version for classic?:D It does work, though I haven't tested all the linking capabality, so a Classic version hasn't been posted yet. I'll see if I can go through and post it this weekend. But in the meantime if you load outdated addons it should work.
File: Adapt - Classic09-03-19
Did you change any options? I was p...
Posted By: Gello
Did you change any options? I was playing for a bit trying to reproduce that with default options but didn't see it happening. (Though to be fair, I got kinda involved in the game and forgot to watch for it after a while lol) Hello! I have this issue too. It seems guaranteed to happen when I target another player and buff them. I...
File: Adapt - Classic08-11-19
Did you change any options? I was p...
Posted By: Gello
Did you change any options? I was playing for a bit trying to reproduce that with default options but didn't see it happening. (Though to be fair, I got kinda involved in the game and forgot to watch for it after a while lol)
File: Adapt - Almost-Default Animated Portraits08-09-19
Very likely. Thank you! I always...
Posted By: Gello
Very likely. Thank you! I always loved this addon back in the day and I am glad to know itís still around. Thanks! I don't know how long servers will be up today for stress tests, but an updated version for classic can be found here: https://www.wowinterface.com/downloads/info25086-Adapt-Classic.html
File: Adapt - Almost-Default Animated Portraits08-08-19
I am curious if you are planning to...
Posted By: Gello
I am curious if you are planning to update this for Classic? I intend to try the current version in the upcoming stress test to see if it works as is. Very likely.
File: Rematch ElvUI Skin06-29-19
As long time users are no doubt awa...
Posted By: Gello
As long time users are no doubt aware, I'm awful at keeping this skin up to date. Fortunately, one of the admins of tukui, nihilistic_pandemonium, has agreed to take over this skin. You can expect much better care than I've been able to give it. You can find future updates of this skin at: https://www.tukui.org/addons.php?id=...
File: Classic Quest Log06-26-19
8.2 patch caused the quest log to n...
Posted By: Gello
8.2 patch caused the quest log to not open when you speak to quest npc. Hmm yeah there seems to be issues with the frame anchoring changes. I'll look into this.
File: Rematch06-18-19
Re: Cant get it to load
Posted By: Gello
After the latest update, the addon wont load. It says it is loaded, but nothing in game. If you enter /rematch does it do anything? If not, see if you turn errors on if they aren't already. Enter the following and try /rematch again: /console scriptErrors 1 If it summons okay, go back to the journal and see if Rematch is chec...
File: Rematch06-15-19
A few notes for the 4.9.9 update po...
Posted By: Gello
A few notes for the 4.9.9 update posted tonight: - The 8.2 stuff will appear when your client is patched to 8.2 (possibly this coming week). - The target menu is getting ridiculously long. The whole target system will be reworked to remove that menu in the coming months. - I didn't get a chance to test every npc/battle for 8.2. If...
File: Classic Quest Log06-12-19
Re: was using classic quest log
Posted By: Gello
Greets, I have been using classic quest log for some time, when i login today, it tells me in no uncertain terms that the mod no longer works...which is a bit odd, given it was okay last week and i am aware of no updates that broke it? any chance of a fix. thanks Could you post a screenshot of the message? Nothing has happened (p...
File: Select - Classic05-25-19
Select - Classic
Posted By: Gello
Note that the screenshot and description are from the live client; they'll be updated as the beta goes on. The big changes between live and this is the toys and mount stuff is removed. Also note that item subtypes seem to have changed. If you used /select type:Food & Drink, you'll want to use /select type:Consumable now.
File: Rematch03-21-19
Re: Such an amazing addon
Posted By: Gello
Incredible Addon. The menus and filters are so powerful, intuitive, and bring a modern look and feel to the pet collection that fits with WoW's style. Was once again studying addons to learn from(steal) and was surprised to see the same name from TinyPad. I've learned lots from your code. Much respect Thanks! :D
File: TinyPad03-07-19
Re: This Addon is Great!!
Posted By: Gello
Why create local references to globally accessible tables? Thanks! That's a really good question and the practical answer is pretty tame, but it's mostly for style. Some people use locals for everything because local variables are faster to reference than global. I won't dispute that, but feel the effect is too negligible to no...
File: Rematch ElvUI Skin03-02-19
Thanks, LightWinning. If you find a...
Posted By: Gello
Thanks, LightWinning. If you find any other bugs let me know. I'll have this fix posted on Sunday.
File: Rematch ElvUI Skin02-27-19
If the update posted today (2/27/20...
Posted By: Gello
If the update posted today (2/27/2019) breaks the skin which was working fine before, it means you were likely on an older ElvUI version. I don't use ElvUI so I have no idea when the transition happened. I recommend going to an older version of this skin or updating ElvUI. I'm also looking for someone who uses ElvUI and would like...
File: Rematch01-01-19
Report at the end of the battle:),...
Posted By: Gello
Report at the end of the battle:), for example: This and battle: victory, a total of 8 rounds, in 88 seconds. (Best Achievements in History: a total of 6 rounds, in 66 seconds.) As much as possible, I want Rematch to stay out of the battle UI. I can see how recording a history of battles per team would fall in the scope of th...
File: Rematch12-22-18
Re: Queue list
Posted By: Gello
I've just noticed that my leveling queue list has been cleared for some reason couple of days ago If everything else seems to be working and there's no errors, a likely cause is you had a server-side petID reassignment. Every once in a while, for reasons I don't understand yet, Blizzard will change the petID (a unique identifier for...
File: Rematch ElvUI Skin12-11-18
The latest skin doesn't do a comple...
Posted By: Gello
The latest skin doesn't do a complete reskin. The major lists (pets, queue, teams, options) will need more work later.
File: Rematch12-11-18
Final post-mortem on MacOS crash is...
Posted By: Gello
Final post-mortem on MacOS crash issues (December 11 2018 update): As some were painfully aware, the MacOS client would sometimes crash the first time Rematch was summoned in a session. It didn't crash all the time, and it seemed to happen most when opening to the teams tab. Perhaps the most bizaare (and maybe revealing) observati...
File: Rematch12-11-18
Posted By: Gello
Today's update (4.9.0) is rather substantial and will likely break any addons that hook into Rematch, including Rematch ElvUI Skin and others. I'll have an update for the ElvUI skin this weekend at the latest. If you'd prefer, you can go back to 4.8.10 until then; it should work just fine in the 8.1 patch rolling out today. If an...
File: Rematch - Experimental11-22-18
Posted By: Gello
With the latest update (4.8.10-experimental-05), we are (hopefully!) nearing the end of this experimental project. Thanks for everyone's participation and patience. I'll write up a post-mortem after we're confident this update passes muster. This update (it will say version 4.8.10-exp-05 at the end of options) is made from the mai...