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File: PowerTrackerBar07-24-16
Yeah, I forgot to delete a few line...
Posted By: Skudnfroodie
Yeah, I forgot to delete a few lines from the the WoD version... I uploaded a new version, should be approved soon.
File: PowerTrackerBar05-07-16
Shouldn't PTB's position normally b...
Posted By: Skudnfroodie
Shouldn't PTB's position normally be saved by the game, in layout-local.txt or something.. So, I don't know why this is happening, but when I login/reload with PTB disabled, then re-enable it and relog/reload again, it always resets to its default position. Yes, the position is (was) saved in the layout-local. Apparently wow d...
File: PowerTrackerBar11-11-15
Re: Bug on first login
Posted By: Skudnfroodie
I just downloaded and installed this today. On my first login after installation, on a fury warrior, I got this error: /snip Also: I had NOT checked 'only show in combat' because I was wanting to test how it looks variously, how much it bothered me to have it visible. I was in my garrison mine and attacked a few goren, and i...