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File: FauxMazzle [Classic]07-09-20
Minor issue I have found
Posted By: DocEVL
On a brand new install of WoW and FauxMazzle (no other addons) I am unable to get the font size (through the UI) to stick. I can change it to any of the options, normal, eagle eye and it changes but it will switch back to normal every time, not right away but lets say I open the map and close it, it will switch back. Reload of ui...
File: FauxMazzle05-29-20
Thanks again Fizzlemizz! For thos...
Posted By: DocEVL
Thanks again Fizzlemizz! For those interested, I've posted a note about the current FauxMazzle's "End of Life" on the main page.
File: FauxMazzle [Classic]05-27-20
Re: Thank you
Posted By: DocEVL
So far so good. No major issues at 2560x1440 Fullscreen windowed. Thank you for taking time to redo this! After a real long hiatus from the game (years!) I am happy to help out where I can as a former maintainer of the original MazzleUI right after Mazzle retired from the game. To everyone trying Fauxmazzle Classic, thank you....