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File: nUI InfoPanel Professions07-20-16
Why did you bother updating this -...
Posted By: Ulithium_Dragon
Why did you bother updating this - did you figure out how to fix nui? nui seems to be shattered to me - I only got it working again by spending all of yesterday gutting out the broken parts and replacing them with parts of other mods: http://i.imgur.com/zJJ1JaK.jpg I'm using nUI+ v6.02.00, and all other versions seemed t...
File: Too Much Power!10-13-14
Can't Thank You Enough For Making This!
Posted By: Ulithium_Dragon
I have been using this add-on pretty much since you reached it, and I just LOVE IT! It fits the scene so perfectly that it should have been used in the first place! Honestly I felt very deflated the first time I poped Ascendance form while playing on my laptop without this addon-installed! Thank you SO MUCH!