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File: RatingBuster12-09-14
Re: No Success with RatingBuster Still
Posted By: AnrDaemon
i have tried using newer libraries and unfortunately RatingBuster is dead as far as i can tell. does anybody know of an addon that simply displays the item level of ALL items in-game - so not talking about gear ilevels - just the item level blizzard has designated every item they put in game? RatingBuster had an option to do th...
File: Raven12-09-14
Re: Consolidating Buffs
Posted By: AnrDaemon
Hello, i was wondering if there was anyway to consolidate the major raid buffs. Either like the blizzard default or something similar to ElvUI's buff bar by their minimap. If you mean "magically do whatever you imagine", no. Do it yourself, addon allow you to do whatever you want. Within addon intended area of use.
File: AtlasLoot Enhanced12-03-14
I have only one question. Is this h...
Posted By: AnrDaemon
I have only one question. Is this how the addon supposed to look? http://storage7.static.itmages.ru/i/14/1203/h_1417615976_5479543_f57ff22587.jpg
File: TomTom12-01-14
A little offtopic, but what is the...
Posted By: AnrDaemon
A little offtopic, but what is the reason to call addon.astrolabe = DongleStub("Astrolabe-TomTom-1.0") local astrolabe = addon.astrolabe Does that mean the lib instance will be available to all addon files that way without reinitialization?
File: Altoholic12-01-14
Re: Re: Re: Altoholic Button gone?!
Posted By: AnrDaemon
yeah cleared up the saved data. Then it is a strange sign. is there any easy way to explain pulling them in myself as i am not very bright when it comes to computer things lol I've had an issue when 11'th slot was just added, the last character would not appear automatically in grids. Had to manually select her from "?" icon....
File: HealBot Continued12-01-14
Hi, Healbot has served me well o...
Posted By: AnrDaemon
Hi, Healbot has served me well over the years but I've only just dabbled in it's basic functions. Is it possible to create a separate unit frame for player & target? I've been looking to trim down my addons & if healbot has this functionality I can drop SUF (unit frames in general really). Thank you for making such a great addo...
File: Altoholic11-30-14
Re: Altoholic Button gone?!
Posted By: AnrDaemon
hey guys for some reason the button on the minimap is not showing up for altoholic. i am also not getting the usual data that I would on this one alt. my 10 other alts are having no issues at all, just the ONE i want to play. imagine that :D so any ideas how i fix this? Have you cleared the saved data as instructed? Also, I'm...
File: Multishot (Screenshot)11-29-14
Doesn't shoot garrizon progression....
Posted By: AnrDaemon
Doesn't shoot garrizon progression. Othervise works quite fine in WoD.
File: AtlasLoot Enhanced11-29-14
anyone know a way of hiding the min...
Posted By: AnrDaemon
anyone know a way of hiding the minimap icon? I can't seem to find an options for it. /AL mmb <3
File: Action Bar Saver11-28-14
@@ -9,13 +9,17 @@ local restoreEr...
Posted By: AnrDaemon
@@ -9,13 +9,17 @@ local restoreErrors, spellCache, macroCache, macroNameCache, highestRanks = {}, {}, {}, {}, {} local playerClass -local MAX_CHAR_MACROS = MAX_CHARACTER_MACROS -local MAX_GLOBAL_MACROS = MAX_ACCOUNT_MACROS -local MAX_MACROS = MAX_CHAR_MACROS + MAX_GLOBAL_MACROS +local MAX_MACROS = 54 +local MAX_CHAR_MACROS...
File: TomTom11-20-14
I'm having a couple of issues with...
Posted By: AnrDaemon
I'm having a couple of issues with this otherwise excellent addon and was wondering if I'm alone or if the problems are common: 1 - the distance to waypoint seems to be wrong by a considerable factor - eg instead of it saying 200 yards it's coming back with 6000... Examples? 2 - /cway (sort waypoints /cway doesn't do any sor...
File: QuestHelper11-17-14
Any ideas? Try reading replies ben...
Posted By: AnrDaemon
Any ideas? Try reading replies beneath your post. If it's not beneath your stature.
File: TotemTimers11-10-14
You're still distributing two copie...
Posted By: AnrDaemon
You're still distributing two copies of AceGUI with your addon?
File: Atlas11-09-14
You are confusing Atlas with AtlasL...
Posted By: AnrDaemon
You are confusing Atlas with AtlasLoot.
File: Altoholic11-04-14
Better fix would probably be if In...
Posted By: AnrDaemon
Better fix would probably be if InCombatLockdown() then Can someone please try it?
File: QuestHelper11-04-14
Thanks, I laughed. That note was t...
Posted By: AnrDaemon
Thanks, I laughed. That note was there for past four years or more.
File: TomTom11-01-14
my other problem is the Right click...
Posted By: AnrDaemon
my other problem is the Right click zooms the map out, so even if it worked i would not be able to set a marker, any idea how to avoid that it zooms out ? When it works, it doesn't zoom the map out.
File: TomTom10-29-14
Re: Persistent waypoints?
Posted By: AnrDaemon
I would like to create persistent waypoints. From the (sparse) documentation I gather that once a waypoint is added, it should stay until it is removed. Exception for the your corpse waypoint and waypoints that are auto-added for quests. I am not seeing this behavior. I am seeing my manually added waypoints get removed as soon as...
File: TomTom10-28-14
just curious, but i used (I thought...
Posted By: AnrDaemon
just curious, but i used (I thought) to be able to click on a quest objective in the wow ui and have that set the tomtom crazy arrow. at the moment, the only way to load the arrow with a quest objective is to accept a quest. you cannot, apparently, cause the arrow to set to any given quest but only the last one accepted. is this p...
File: Fishing Buddy10-27-14
Delete that addon completely. Fishi...
Posted By: AnrDaemon
Delete that addon completely. FishingBuddy implement DataBroker interface in the core, and has long since abandoned all the separate interface addons. And pretty please use CODE block for long listings.
File: TomTom10-24-14
Fullscreen map. No map addons, othe...
Posted By: AnrDaemon
Fullscreen map. No map addons, other than MFWM/Cromulent. Tried to set a waypoint by mouseclick. Date: 2014-10-24 18:53:01 ID: 1 Error occured in: Global Count: 1 Message: ..\AddOns\TomTom\TomTom_Waypoints.lua line 163: Bad argument #4 to 'Astrolabe.PlaceIconOnMinimap' (number, nil expected, got boolean) Debug: : error(...
File: TomTom10-21-14
Re: The zone names. They've inde...
Posted By: AnrDaemon
Re: The zone names. They've indeed changed. Gatherer complains alot, too.
File: RatingBuster10-21-14
Curseforge flipped EVERY addon upsi...
Posted By: AnrDaemon
Curseforge flipped EVERY addon upside down at the day of 6.0 launch, regardless if they were working or not with it. So, that's a no indication.
File: Bartender410-20-14
A liiittle question. Is this possi...
Posted By: AnrDaemon
A liiittle question. Is this possible to detect a barber shop UI in macro?
File: Action Bar Saver10-18-14
Ever tried to read some posts befor...
Posted By: AnrDaemon
Ever tried to read some posts before making a new one? The fix for ABS just two posts below yours.