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File: Saeris's LootLink12-17-06
I haven't tried your version yet bu...
Posted By: Cluey
I haven't tried your version yet but expect to shortly. I am wondering if it will import my old database from LootLink Enhanced by Brodrick/Kirov?
File: Cirk's Chatmanager (Continued)12-11-06
More fixed bugs
Posted By: Cluey
I have sent a PM to Kortanis for a couple more fixes, for the impatient among you here is what I changed: To stop the targeting feature of ChatManager comment out: line 1570 if (arg1 == "LeftButton") then to 1587 elseif (arg1 == "RightButton") then Then chang the next line to if (arg1 == "RightButton") then On line 1891 Invi...
File: WatchDog02-15-06
Maybe I am not as cluey as I would...
Posted By: Cluey
Maybe I am not as cluey as I would like to be but I can't find a description for this mod. I can see lots of change logs and new features but I haven't found a summary saying what it does.