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File: oUF_Qulight05-05-11
Originally posted by Raizan Or if...
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Originally posted by Raizan Or if someone know - how to remove raid\party frames? :) edit 2 lines in cfg.lua to cfg.ShowParty = false -- show party frames (shown as 5man raid) cfg.ShowRaid = false -- show raid frames
File: TinyDPS04-13-11
Is there anyway to show a "total ba...
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Is there anyway to show a "total bar"? As RL i find it usefull since i know what overall dps it's required to make the kills. Have read that it's not realy "accurate", but a indicator is realy nice to have. This is the only function that "locks" me to something i don't realy whana use.
File: Stuf Unit Frames (and Raid)04-13-11
Re: Need help after reinstall
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Originally posted by ladyofdragons Have the same error. It's from a combination with having both "Fast healths Update" and "Show incoming heal" enabled. Seem's ok on player bar, but on rest i must disable "Fast health Update" to get error away. Hope that helps.
File: Stuf Unit Frames (and Raid)04-12-11
First of all i must say it's a real...
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First of all i must say it's a realy nice addon to make realy nice bars. But i have a issue that i have never run into with other addons. I simply can't seem to parent frames to it. I have writen my own addon with makes custom panels like i whant them and have parented them to many addons like Recount and Omen. And it works pe...
File: oUF_Freebgrid04-11-11
Setup/scale based on raid size?
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Thx for this lovely none grid option. I have just giving it a test and im puzzled about 1 thing. On change log it says: v4.1 -- ability to scale raid depending on the raid size(see top of core.lua) Is this function still there? Or is there 1 way to change scale or profile based on raid size? I basicly whant all raid...
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Originally posted by -Dank- Can a...
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Originally posted by -Dank- Can anyone help me to change the font type in the .lua? I'm very, very new to .lua and can only do simple tasks in it at this time. I've already added the extra line from a response on page 2 here but none of my experiments to that line have panned out. 'local font = CreateFont("xpBarFont") --fon...