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File: oUF_Fail11-11-14
Player health text size.
Posted By: Pops'Hunter
First off I love these frames. Is there any way to decrease the size of the health text size for the player frame? I wouldn't mind it being like the target ones only a little bigger, but not as big as the player. If not I can learn to live with it. Thanks.
File: Brutall UI (1920x1080 - DPS/Tank Specific)10-24-14
Posted By: Pops'Hunter
Hi Brutall, I have followed your install instructions, somewhat. When I unzip your file, in the AddOns folder there is already ElvUI, ElvUI_Config, ElvUI_Enhanced, and ChatFontSize. Your instructions say we need to also DL ElvUi which I did v7.30. My question is do I need to replace the folders already in your download with the v...
File: Supervillain UI (Classic)10-13-14
Posted By: Pops'Hunter
Mung, Thank you for all of your hard work, I can't imagine working full time and then having to work on this probably full time also. And last nights premier of Walking Dead was awesome. Go Carol... lol. going to be another good season.
File: Supervillain UI (Classic)09-30-14
AceTimer Errors..
Posted By: Pops'Hunter
I had been using Adibags because I like the sorting I can get with it but it would randomly throw a Ace Timer error, usually in a BG. Tonight after yesterdays update They started more frequently so I disabled adibags, reloaded Ui, enabled SVUi's bag function and during a BG bugsack went crazy with this, 157x Libs\AceTimer-3.0\Ace...
File: Supervillain UI (Classic)09-06-14
Install Error
Posted By: Pops'Hunter
I wanted to run on an Alt. tonight and when I logged in I got this error. It was on all of my Alts that I had not previously set up yet. And this was after I downloaded and installed tonight's update. I can go through the 9 install steps and set up the ui. Don't know what I need to do. My main toon is not having any issues with the...
File: Supervillain UI (Classic)09-05-14
Just an update, even-though I tried...
Posted By: Pops'Hunter
Just an update, even-though I tried this before my first post, I deleted the cache folder and re-installed the current folders in the addon directory and I didn't have any errors last night. I did get an error just before logging off from Dhud but i didn't get a chance to check it out further.
File: Supervillain UI (Classic)09-04-14
skada error.
Posted By: Pops'Hunter
Hello Mung, I started using your UI over this last weekend and i am loving it. I'm still having issues when I try to switch to full screen windowed mode. I finally figured out last night about the skada block but was getting a lot of errors in the bug sack. This is one of them. 2x ...\SVUI_StyleOMatic\addons\thirdparty\Skada-1....