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File: Feast Tracker05-01-09
LUA Error
Posted By: BJRubino
Hi, I get the following lua error on log-in: "Feasttracker.lua line 25: assertion failed!" BJR
File: DoTimer04-16-09
Small Error?
Posted By: BJRubino
Hi, I have noticed a small error on the buff timers. I have the "Track Treasure" ability as a dwarf...this shows up correctly on the buff timers; but when I switch to a different tracking option, the buff timer does not correctly display the new tracking ability. For example, when I track treasure, I get the treasure icon and the...
File: XBar04-15-09
2 Requests...
Posted By: BJRubino
Hi, I have a couple requests. Is it possible to add the new Hunter "Call Stabled Pet" to the petstuff bar? Also, is it possible to create a new "pet bar" that would allow you to show all of the pets actual abilities? (i.e. cower, growl, etc...) Thanks, BJR
File: EasyDND / AntiParasites01-11-09
Error when applying Armor Kit
Posted By: BJRubino
Hi, I don't have the exact error, but I did receive an error for EasyDND when I tried to apply an armor kit on my boots. The boots already had a lower level armor kit applied, so when I try to apply the new kit, it asks me to confirm. When this confirm window opens up, I get the error. Once the error comes-up, I am unable to appl...
File: Ackis Recipe List01-10-09
Beta Works...
Posted By: BJRubino
Hi guys, I was having the same issue with the scan button being AWOL on the ATSW window. I found that the beta release of the ARL addon seems to work (i.e. scan button is there & works). Go to wowace.com and you can find it there until the one here is updated. Good luck to ya all, BJR
File: IceHUD11-22-08
Range Color Change?
Posted By: BJRubino
Hi, Is it possible to change the the range indicator colors? I was looking to have mine set-up to show the the range color in red when it is out-of-range and green when it is in-range. Is this possible? If so, where would I do it? Thanks, BJR
File: EavesDrop11-14-08
Line 590 Error
Posted By: BJRubino
I am getting the error "\Interface\AddOns\EavesDrop\EavesDrop.lua: 590: bad argument #3 to 'string_format' (string expected, got nil)" I have a level 10 hunter with a level 10 pet. Any ideas? Thanks, BJR
File: HealBot Continued11-12-08
HealBot.lua error...
Posted By: BJRubino
I get an error when I login on all my characters... HealBot.lua line 3290: IsSpellInRange (): Invalid spell slot I get this with no other addons loaded. BJR
File: MetaHud - Nuckin Branch11-11-08
Conflict with XBar...
Posted By: BJRubino
Hi, First off, thank you for taking over this mod, MetaHUD is by far my favorite HUD. I have done a lot of troubleshooting and found a conflict with another addon. When MetaHUD and an addon called XBar are installed together, I lose the "Summary" screen under Blizzards default Achievements window. When they are both installed, th...
File: Time Until AFK11-11-08
Timer Not Correct...
Posted By: BJRubino
Is there a way to get the timer to countdown correctly? It activates at 5 minutes, but it takes just under 10 min. to go AFK. Also, is it possible to get a warning with about 5 to 10 seconds before going AFK? I get one at 45 sec., but that was it. Thanks, BJR