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File: Broker Group09-27-08
Originally posted by Tristanian A...
Posted By: Stanzilla
Originally posted by Tristanian Are you using the latest version ? What kind of group were you in ? I will be looking into it, but I need this information. It was 1.3 and a normal 5 man group.
File: Broker Group09-01-08
I get the "Roll ending in x" and "W...
Posted By: Stanzilla
I get the "Roll ending in x" and "Winner: Y" messages twice with default settings :)
File: Nameplates Modifier08-18-08
Class Colors
Posted By: Stanzilla
Could you add the functionality of this addon to Nameplate Modifier: http://files.wowace.com/ClassColoredNameplates/ClassColoredNameplates.zip ? It basicly gives the healthbars the correct class color.
File: OPie08-17-08
Hi! Do you plan to add an option fo...
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Hi! Do you plan to add an option for different animation styles? I really like the pre-0.10 one :)
File: LootAlert08-07-08
8/8 01:38:07.842 Loading add-on Lo...
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8/8 01:38:07.842 Loading add-on LootAlert 8/8 01:38:07.842 ** Loading table of contents Interface\AddOns\LootAlert\LootAlert.toc 8/8 01:38:07.842 Error loading Interface\AddOns\LootAlert\chat.lua Just remove the file from the toc listing and it works :)
File: Roth UI (Diablo)07-05-08
Sieht das auf deinem warrior nicht...
Posted By: Stanzilla
Sieht das auf deinem warrior nicht komisch aus bei den absoluten hp zahlen wenn dann da 12345 oder so steht oder machst du daraus dann "12,3k"?
File: DoubleWide06-14-08
Posted By: Stanzilla
I'm getting taint from DoubleWide: 6/12 00:02:05.084 An action was blocked in combat because of taint from DoubleWide - QuestWatchFrame:Hide() 6/12 00:02:05.084 Interface\FrameXML\QuestLogFrame.lua:680 6/12 00:02:05.084 QuestWatch_Update() 6/12 00:02:05.084 Interface\FrameXML\QuestLogFrame.lua:60 QuestLog_OnEven...
File: SLDataText05-18-08
Extra Modules
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Will you provide extra modules in the future? Like Damagestats +spelldmg, %haste etc.
File: TomTom05-18-08
Feature Request
Posted By: Stanzilla
I would like to request an option to disable the right-click menu of the graphical arrow. Default would be off, of course :) Reason: I have it on default position and like it there but it gets in the way when looting mobs.
File: Nameplates Modifier05-07-08
Originally posted by Shadowd No I...
Posted By: Stanzilla
Originally posted by Shadowd No I don't plan on adding MobHealth/MobInfo data, there will be basic recoloration options but not per class. I dont mean color, just HP values.
File: Nameplates Modifier05-07-08
Just two little things missing till...
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Just two little things missing till it's perfect! :) 1. Support MobHealth data 2. Option to change borders.
File: SellFish05-02-08
Font color
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It would be nice if the font string in the tooltip had the same color as your Bagnon_Tooltip stuff, so they would match :)
File: DoubleWide03-19-08
I would love to have the same addon...
Posted By: Stanzilla
I would love to have the same addon for my Tradeskill windows. Any plans for that?
File: SSPVP301-29-08
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: SSPVP2\modules\config.lua:388: attempt to call method 'SetText' (a nil value) SSPVP2\lib\HousingAuthority.lua:790: in function When clicking on "Play File" without having a file spezified. Additionaly, "Lock Overlay" resets the scale of the overlay window.
File: idChat12-30-07
Feature Requests: 1. URL-Copy 2...
Posted By: Stanzilla
Feature Requests: 1. URL-Copy 2. Player Name options like Prat has. 3. Allow to change the timestamp format and add a seperator. 4. make it possible to wrap channel names into parenthesis or brackets.