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File: GuildRosterButtons08-17-16
Please, use the latest version.......
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Please, use the latest version.... @Petrah @Barleduq
File: Clean Icons - Thin08-15-16
Alot of Icons are all black boxes n...
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Alot of Icons are all black boxes now it maybe due to changes with how Blizz loads textures now. Please fix :( Literally nothing in my power, go yell at Blizzard :(
File: MerchantFilterButtons08-07-16
Update has been released and fixed...
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Update has been released and fixed all issues.
File: Clean Icons - Crisp07-30-16
Re: Missing Icon
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Hi, Thank you for updating for legion! And I find that ClassIcon_DemonHunter is missing for Crisp theme. http://i.imgur.com/WieGjeA.png Please take a look into it, thanks! Your Icon previews were not working due to the icons being uncompressed. I've corrected the issue with a new update. Please redownload the ful...
File: Clean Icons - Thin07-29-16
Re: Re: Re: Icons from the Mini Patch
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:: Squelch :: Okay. Got it done. All icons are CLEAN ICONS - THIN! Yay! I'll place a link here to my Google Drive if suicidalkatt gives the go ahead. Or if he wants I can give it to him to do what he pleases. Hey Greevir, I hope my update doesn't discourage your work you put into this. Nothing motivates me more than seeing m...
File: Clean Icons - Thin07-29-16
Suicidalkatt, I noticed in your tut...
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Suicidalkatt, I noticed in your tutorial you did showing how you make the icons you have issues with photoshop slightly renaming the filenames (replacing spaces with -). This can be fixes in photoshop. It's because photoshop makes the filename UNIX compatible. You can fix this by doing the following. I'm using CS6 so of course things...
File: Clean Icons - Thin07-29-16
I have an update coming for all my...
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I have an update coming for all my packages.
File: Threat Plates07-24-16
I'll most likely be making new name...
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I'll most likely be making new nameplates altogether instead of an update.
File: Clean Icons - Thin07-19-16
I'll be doing an update for this pa...
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I'll be doing an update for this package before Legion launch.
File: !SyLevel01-25-16
Re: Inventorian Support
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Hello, is there any way to add support for Inventorian? Please have the author of inventorian provide support.
File: Clean Icons - Thin12-04-15
Re: Icons from the Mini Patch
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Sorry to bother you with this but any chance you can point me in the right direction on how-to or upload another small icon pack for the new stuff added in 6.2.3. I tried to make them myself for all the new trinkets using BLPView to see them in my wow folder and then BLPConverter, just a command line program, to turn PNGs into B...
File: Clean Icons - Thin11-20-15
Where does the Thin folder go? I do...
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Where does the Thin folder go? I don't have an \Interface\Icons folder. I only have \Interface\AddOns, I tried putting it there but it didn't work. Where do I put FINAL_THIN? The zip file contains a folder structure. They are placed into a folder you would create. Interface/icons https://youtube.com/watch?v=YDrHgqPYCrM
File: Clean Icons - Crisp08-10-15
Re: Where to install ?
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Hi, i've tryed to install your addon but i don't find where to put the files. It's said to go >> Install to: Interface\Icons << but when i go into interface i only find my addon's files. Did i missed something ? You can simply extract the zip file into the World of Warcraft directory since it contains it's own folders (Interfac...
File: Clean Icons - Square07-18-15
Sacred Shield, all 3 Buffs from Emp...
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Sacred Shield, all 3 Buffs from Empowered Seals, as well as Beacon of Light seems to have unchanged boarders. Please link to the abilities on wow head and I will have them updated!
File: GuildRosterButtons03-17-15
GuildRosterButtons.lua:201: attempt...
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GuildRosterButtons.lua:201: attempt to call upvalue 'SetPushed' (a nil value) because i take lua into another addon? You need the local 'SetPushed' at the top of the addon since it's not available within the function that's calling it.
File: SyUI03-09-15
Re: Can't find the mount/pet button?
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Can't find the mount/pet button where the menu is. Mouse over the left hand side of your UI, the action bars will show as well as the mini menu buttons. Shift+p is also the default keybind
File: SyUI02-24-15
Re: In game Calendar
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How do I access the in-game calendar? Thanks, Look for the achievements button the on the top left of your UI. Press and hold CTRL :)
File: Clean Icons - Crisp01-25-15
It seems like the Icons aren't even...
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It seems like the Icons aren't even working which is very very weird. I imagine it's something i've done. I too am using ElvUI. I extracted the folder to World of Warcraft\Interface\ so that it looks like World of Warcraft\Interface\ICONS\*.blp files, does this sound right? Just so you can see what I see Screenshot time! htt...
File: Clean Icons - Cold01-08-15
Re: Caith border
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Hi! Good job. Is it possible to make icons from abroad in this interface http://www.wowinterface.com/downloads/info13981-NeavUI.html? I have turned out badly, I want to use them for power auras. Thanks in advance Hey there, and thank you for using clean icons! As much as I would love to fill your request, I don't currently ha...
File: Dual Window Skada - Saved Variables12-30-14
Re: Thanks for this, but quick question.
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Since I already use kgpanels for background art do I import this to overwrite my existing kgpanel .lua or merge into my existing .lua. I looked at both .lua files but couldn't really tell. Thanks. You're overwriting the current you may have with this one.
File: Threat Plates12-30-14
good morning! just curious, i ha...
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good morning! just curious, i havent used threat plates in awhile but i love the widget for debuffs on the plate itself. was curious if it was possible to show buffs on that player as well? like i love seeing kidney shot/shockwaves but id also love to know if he skinned or if a target just bubbled etc on the same line. Monitori...
File: Clean Icons - Crisp12-29-14
Re: WoW freezing sometimes when using this
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Hey there, I installed this icon pack yesterday, to test it out. Occassionally my WoW would just randomly freeze and then crash. I would need to force close it. I am using ElvUI as well as a few other small addons. I can post a list if required. I assume this pack can be used correctly with ElvUI though? There should be no c...
File: Threat Plates12-24-14
Re: bug
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Hey! Some bug with 7.012-Alpha. Doesn't show "White List" debuff on enemy target. Only show all my debuff if set "All auras" or "Black list" (i want only Unstable Affliction,Corruption and Agony(in "Filtered Auras")) My apologies, I had been working on a new implementation and forgot to replace some old code to provide functionali...
File: SyUI12-24-14
Hey! First, great UI :D then...
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Hey! First, great UI :D then a question.. could you add an second skada window in the same style etc? 'cause I can't make it look exactly the same like the basic one of you? Would be really nice thanks. Please check out this!! Dual Window Skada - Saved Variables
File: Threat Plates12-24-14
Is there any way to have a Custom H...
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Is there any way to have a Custom HP Color for Friendlies but still have Class Coloring for enemies? I remember I used to be able to have "green" friendlies and class colored enemies. Can't seem to do it now. This would hurt the priority system that's currently available, but I think I may have a solution I could implement.