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us2006027321 09-10-09 02:19 AM

Mac-Specific Tracking Add-On
So, I was chit-chatting with a buddy of mine, and he was proudly boasting that he had a Mac-specific add-on (not available for PC users) that allowed him to track members of the opposite faction on his minimap as if they were gathering nodes, quest objectives, et cetera, and he said it was accurate to about 15 yards.

I'd have immediately passed it off as mindless bragging and compulsive lying except that I know the guy, and he never flexes muscles he doesn't have. I have known him to over-exaggerate things, however, and in light of that, I have boiled down what he said to the following truth:

1) He has a Mac-specific add-on.
2) It modifies tracking options.
3) It can somehow be exploited to track members of the opposite faction, though the accuracy could be debatable.

I don't know if it's something he's running in the game like an actual add-on or if it's something that runs externally (like the map hacks for Diablo II).

He refused to tell me what it was called, so I thought I'd ask here: has anyone heard of any Mac-specific tracking mods that can be used to track members of the opposite faction, and if so, what are they called?

Zyonin 09-10-09 02:52 AM

It sounds like one of several third party Mini-Map hack programs. Aka, your buddy is playing "chicken" with the Banhammer.

us2006027321 09-10-09 03:00 AM

See, and that's what I think, too, but he swears up and down that it's "legit". If anyone can point me a direction to something a bit more specific, I'd be forever grateful.

Torhal 09-10-09 04:09 AM

Ask him the name of the AddOn, and where he downloaded it from.

Vis 09-10-09 05:56 AM


Originally Posted by us2006027321 (Post 158248)
He refused to tell me what it was called

That right there would throw red flags to me about the legitimacy of any addon a friend was running. I don't know about other people here, but if a friend of mine came across a "latest greatest must have omg this is amazing" type addon, he'd share it with everyone.

I'd be worried about him playing chicken with the ban hammer too.

us2006027321 09-10-09 07:27 AM


Originally Posted by Torhal (Post 158259)
Ask him the name of the AddOn, and where he downloaded it from.

All he'd tell me was that he got it off Apple's WoW AddOn downloader. (It's an AddOn manager that functions in much the same way Curse's does.) That's what bugs me about it most, I think. If he's right (and I'm not saying he is; I'm merely exploring the possibility), Apple is spreading awful hacks!

ravagernl 09-10-09 07:38 AM


Originally Posted by us2006027321 (Post 158299)
All he'd tell me was that he got it off Apple's WoW AddOn downloader. (It's an AddOn manager that functions in much the same way Curse's does.)

You don't want to know what I found on apple's download site.

Wowmatrix is the only thing I get after searching for wow addon. And even wowmatrix wouldn't distribute hacks, I guess.

us2006027321 09-10-09 07:50 AM

I'm going to keep doing a little more research on the topic, and I'm going to talk to a few of my other Mac-using buddies and see what they turn up. At this point, I'm beginning to think one of a few things is true:

1) My Google-fu is getting weaker since I can't track this down.
2) The propagaters of the hack are keeping it well-protected.
3) My buddy was just trying to get some kind of nerd-cred by lying.

Time will tell. In the meantime, if you guys turn anything up, let me know what you find.

Seerah 09-10-09 09:59 AM

iirc, the Apple download thing for WoW also had WowMatrix available for download... >.>

Anyway, if it's legit, then it *wouldn't* be mac-specific. And it *wouldn't* be able to interact with the minimap. The way things like Carbonite work (for the punks module/showing other faction) is that the many users of Carbonite communicate with each other when they come across a toon of the opposite faction.

Ask your friend if his "addon" was installed in - and ONLY in - the Interface\AddOns folder. If not, tell him he can kiss his account goodbye. ;)

noble8 09-10-09 10:18 AM

Not that I have ever *cough* used such an application, but a little birdie tells me that the aforementioned feature you are looking for may be combined with a *cough* certain mac application. This application may also be used when certain users want to automate other actions of their wow life. *wink*

You may wish to google the word 'pocket' and the name of the alliance race that hasn't got its own starting area.

Good luck with your endeavours. :D

Ps. I hope I was discrete enough.
This information is all from that kind birdie remember :P

zero-kill 09-10-09 10:50 AM

Verily vague enough you were :banana:

voodoodad 09-10-09 10:59 AM

Yup. If indeed this is what your friend is using, us<long and seemingly ever-changing string of numbers> then it will indeed get your buddy ban-hammered as soon as he is caught. The only semi-good thing about the web site is that it doesn't claim to be anything but completely illegal by Bliz standards. They don't pussy foot around that fact like so many others do.


Is P*cket Gn*me a violation of the WoW Terms of Service (ToS)?

Yes. P*cket Gn*me is absolutely against the ToS. There aren't enough superlatives in the English language to fully convey how against the rules this is. If you get caught, you will probably be banned.

So be smart and don't get caught.
Quoted directly from their home page.

Edit: hmmm, perhaps I should've disguised the name of the product a little better...

forty2j 09-10-09 11:02 AM

In addition to WowMatrix, Apple's download lists this:

The author for this is linked to some defunct MobileMe account. There's confidence for you.

And following the instructions above, I found an app that proudly announces it is a Bot, and tells you in clear terms that if you get caught, you're hosed. Oh, and it asks you for your admin password when installing, apparently. It does have the function your friend mentions, along with many others (including playing the game for you).

So.. do be careful not to take anything from said friend, lest you get caught up in the money laundering and go down with him..

Edit: Damn, I take too long to type. Or type too much. Or something.

voodoodad 09-10-09 11:09 AM

LOL. I thought I was gonna be beat to the punch on this one, as I edited my post like 3 times before I was satisfied.:rolleyes:

Seerah 09-10-09 11:39 AM

Ooookay, I guess this is enough for this thread.

You should advise your friend to get rid of their "program", but it may already be too late, as Warden may have already reported them. Also, people should only get addons from reputable *WoW* sites, and addons are *not* an .exe or anything outside of the AddOns folder.

In short - be smart and stick to the rules.

As this thread is now veering dangerously close to the line of "not allowed on WoWI", I'll be closing it.

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