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rg321red 07-29-11 05:53 PM

warehouse search ALL broken for equipped items
The warehouse search ALL no longer finds equipped items on any toon. This makes it frustrating to find heirloom items across toons.

Please make a way to find all bind on account and heirloom items across toons. After trying many, many addons, none make this easy.


jcoop16 08-03-11 10:19 AM

altoholic is the answer for your problems.

carboniteaddon 08-27-11 03:50 PM

Added "Show Lowest Equipped Rarity" to menu of Warehouse all item list. Default 7 will show just heirloom items.

This should do what you want. You can also move the slider down to see all character's equipped items and then search on that.

This will be in the next version.

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