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Palladia 08-08-11 11:22 PM

Instance maps zoomed way out
I posted this in another thread regarding Firelands, but since then I've seen it happening in ZA and ZG too.

Whenever I enter the instance (at the beginning and when running back after dying and releasing), the minimap is zoomed all the way out. I can manually zoom in, but again, when I die and release, it zooms out again.

Is there something I can do to get the maps to zoom in properly?

Palladia 08-18-11 06:08 PM

I've discovered that this is true in all instances. The only partial help is if I have a quest for inside the instance. Then the Goto spreads things out. But in places like Strath or BRD, it's really messed up because of the multiple levels. I had a hard time telling where the quest objective (or turn-in) was, and often, I would appear on one map with the rest of the group on another (unless I moused over the map they were on, in which case they'd disappear).

Also, I couldn't see any map for Hellfire Ramparts or Blood Furnace, even zooming way in or with an active quest.

carboniteaddon 08-27-11 03:56 PM

Instance maps are tiny in world space, so they won't hide the zones they are in. Middle clicking the mouse on the map, will zoom in close when you are in an instance. Left double clicking a zone or instance will zoom into that, which gets you in even closer to the instance map.

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