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leonardv 11-30-11 08:49 PM

Both maps dark after 4.3 patch
After installing the 4.3 patch, both maps are a translucent dark, and the only things that are visible are icons. It is like the maps aren't even there. This happens with and without any other addons loaded, and on all my characters. Resetting the map data did not help, although I did not expect that it would. I also played around with the amount of translucence, which also did not help.

PhxGin 11-30-11 09:03 PM

I have the same problem as well as the framerate drop when loading carbonite

khoinoor 12-01-11 11:50 AM

this is happening to me too and is sooo frustrating.. can't search maps of other zones :eek:

Game keep spamming a lua error from carbonite:

Message: Carbonite\Carbonite-4.22.lua:26200: "for" limit must be a number
Time: 12/01/11 18:45:47
Count: 28

As far as I know other peps in my guild that are using carbonite are not receiving my same error.. pls someone help

GUN3R 12-01-11 01:51 PM

got the same isseu as you fellas was hopin we would have an update for 4,3

carboniteaddon 12-01-11 03:41 PM

The FPS decrease and dark map is from a repeating map error.

Carbonite 4.3 is released.

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