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Eternal_Lynx 08-08-13 07:21 PM

[5.30a2]A tiny glitch in TOC file?
Carbonite.toc line 8:

## SavedVariables: CarbData NxData
Is there missing a comma like "CarbData, NxData"?

Coasty 08-09-13 08:50 PM


Originally Posted by Eternal_Lynx (Post 282766)
Carbonite.toc line 8:

## SavedVariables: CarbData NxData
Is there missing a comma like "CarbData, NxData"?

I could be wrong here (since I haven't done any programming in 25+ years), but so far as I know in a "remark" line, as indicated by the ## at the beginning of the line, the missing comma is immaterial as "SavedVariables: CarbData NxData" won't be parsed as a "command" line. It's there just for informational purposes.

Rilgamon 08-10-13 11:24 AM

While it is marked as a comment it's still read and used.
[...] "SavedVariables
A comma-separated list of variable names in the global environment" [...]

Coasty 08-12-13 05:09 PM

Hmmm.... Guess I should add "(out-of-date Fuddy Duddy)" to my signature...:banana:

Kreelor 08-13-13 04:49 AM

I was curious, so I looked this up. Maybe I'm misunderstanding it, but it seems this may be what Coasty had in mind?


WoW reads up to the first 1024 characters of each line only. Additional characters are ignored and do not cause an error.
The .toc files are read only when the client initially starts up. Any changes made to the .toc file will be ignored by a running client until the client is restarted (more specifically, content read from .toc files is not refreshed when you reload the user interface or log out / log in. Although some changes will be picked up if you log out to the character selection screen and back in).
Prefixing a line with one # will mark it as a comment, meaning that it will not be read. For example:

# This is a comment


Rythal 08-13-13 07:38 AM

They seem to do things a little backwards.

Yes normally # is a comment, however WoW reads all the information from those lines anyways, each one while appearing to be a comment actually does and instructs the wow client in some way.

As for the missing , I'm wondering if it even looks for that or not since Carbdata is the main one, Nxdata is the old 5.1 series. If it wasn't seeing or using Nxdata the options to import old settings, or delete them would not be showing up inside the game.

Kreelor 08-13-13 09:37 AM

Thanks Rythal for the clarification. I was only guessing since I'm not a programmer.

Leave it to Blizzard to screw up standardized coding! Geeeesh! Thank you for replying. I learn more all the time.

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