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Roronoa 09-14-13 09:02 AM

Extra Action Button
I just installed nUI+ 5.07.37 for Patch 5.4 and when I went into a fight where there was an Extra Action button (i.e. the Tortos fight where you have to kick the turtle shells), the Extra Action button changed my main action bar to just that one button alone and lost all use of my abilities. Is there a way to turn that function off so I can use my normal abilities?

spiel2001 09-14-13 10:04 AM

Are you sure you have 5.07.37 and not 5.07.36?

Daveo77 09-14-13 02:04 PM

I also have a blank action bar and no extra button (tho the '1' key did make the noodles :)) when I did the Noodles quest scenario (which is a daily after 1st completion).

Using nUI Lite v5.07.37.

Xrystal 09-15-13 06:04 AM


wonder if they added another type of bar conditional *sigh* .. I've not come across those quests myself yet but I assume its on the new island so I'm sure I will get to it soon and will see what you are talking about.

Can someone post up a screenshot of what it should look like with the regular UI and then what it looks like with nUI running.

spiel2001 09-15-13 08:54 AM

I haven't had time to get to those quests, either. So any help Xrystal and I can get from the community on tracking that bug down would be greatly appreciated.

I also need to know if the problem is nUI5 only or both nUI5 and nUI6. I can't test it myself (yet)

Xrystal 09-15-13 09:25 AM

Ah, lookimg at wowhead it looks like you have to have all the cooking paths open .. guess I better get my warlock over there and get her geared up somewhat to survive there rofl

crazzzzi 09-15-13 11:55 AM

new cooking scenario
ok, Scott i can verify that nUi 5 and nUi 6 do no properly work in the new cooking scenario, Noodle Time, there should be a large bar in the bottom middle of the screen, the right hand side has all the buttons normally in the HUD and the left side has the special action buttons. in nUi 5 all i get is button 1 on the regular action bar, and nothing else. on nUi 6 i don't have any buttons, and when i press button 1 it disaplays "revive battle pets" above the cast bar for making the noodles. all the buttons for the actions in the scenario work correctly, but they don't show. this set-up has been used before(Argent Tourney maybe? my memory is not the best) and i remember you all had a hard time nailing it down. hope this helps, if you need anything else give a shout

Xrystal 09-15-13 02:15 PM

Yeah it sounds like its the 6 button bar (override bar) but that hasn't been altered as far as I can see .. unless I messed up .. checking.. .

Nope, I took the right thing out ..

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