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Commix 01-19-16 02:46 PM

Caith UI Support for WoD
Hello. I am looking for a working Version of Caith UI for WoD. This UI was last supported back in 2011 and i havent found a working version yet. Can anybody help me? i really like this UI.

Zyonin 01-26-16 02:59 AM

It is NOT particularly difficult to rebuilf CaithUI to use modern AddOns, however it is a bit time consuming.

The most time consuming part of rebuilding is configuring a UnitFrames mod to match the CaithUI UF layout. STUF is IMHO, the best one to use for this task as it is updated regularly and will likely be around for Legion. Bar textures can be pulled from CaithUI.

For the fonts, pull them straight out of the CaithUI package. Most of the textures are part of the SharedMedia package within the UI so you may be able to pull them straight into an updated version of SharedMedia.

For the panels, unless kgPanels has changed a great deal (I have not used it in years), you should be able to import the layout into the current version of kgPanels. If not, then it's a bit more tinkering.

There are ButtonFacade/Masque CaithUI button skins here on WoWInterface, just do a search for them.

The rest can be done with updated mods. CaithUI has been around in one form or another since Vanilla and has been created using various packages such as the old Discord mods (CaithUI was originally a Discord mod setup), which last I knew, someone making a serious attempt to bring them into the WoD era, Nurfed, Pitbull/kgPanels/etc. It's a venerable setup and it was one of the UIs which I cut my teeth on in learning to create UIs by reverse engineering it and then modifying to my own needs. I recommend taking some time figure out for yourself, just park your toon in some quiet Inn, make sure you have plenty of snacks and beverages (for your meat-self), and start tinkering.

Petrah 01-26-16 02:29 PM

If you don't have the time or knowledge to rebuild Caith, you could always look into ElvUI.

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